Give a Day, Get a Day


I am getting frustrated with this program. While it is pretty straightforward if you choose the park pass option, the alternative options are a bit confusing to me. I’m hoping someone here has already been through the whole experience and can clear things up for me.

All five of us volunteered two weeks ago and we already received our instructions for printing the vouchers. They are pretty straightforward, but then when you get to the site you have to enter the date you are going to be at the park. We wanted to get 5 different days of fastpasses for our vouchers (One set for each park and then a bonus) but I don’t know if I need to enter a different date for each person’s volunteer service with the specific date we are going to be at the park, or if I can enter the first date of the trip for every member and they will allow for the fastpasses for whichever day we choose to use them. Does anyone know the best way to go about this?

I’m planning on calling Disney tomorrow, but I thought I would try here first instead of having to get through their call menu.

Thanks for any advice.



I printed out my voucher but won’t use it till July. When going to the site to access the voucher an “option” to enter date being used was given. I think I only put the month since I don’t know which day of our trip we’ll use that yet.


Don’t know the answer, but my Give A Day is today, and I can’t wait!!! The program I chose sounds awesome, tackling childhood hunger, which is a great cause!


I just printed out my vouchers today. You dont have to enter the date. It is only an option if you want to tell them. Good luck.


Thanks Disneymom. I ended up printing the vouchers last night and just put a different date on each voucher, figuring then we would be able to use one at every park for the fastpasses. I probably was overthinking it.

On a side note, aren’t the vouchers cute? I’m making copies for our vacation scrapbook. Just going to shrink them down so that I can fit them on each page and then tell about our volunteer experience.

Now I just have to make the copies of their birth certificates and add them to the folder and we are all set