Give A Day has reached it's goal


No more free passes. Looks like they’ve reached the goal.

Many orgs had people register that never showed. Hopefully they’ll find some way to do a recount of those that have and be able to offer those unsed slots to those still interested.


yup, we’ve had a thread about that earlier


Looked in Theme Parks before posting so not to do a double and didn’t see anything.


No problem… here is the thread:


I was really surprised it happened so fast!


Thanks MissDis.

And yes, very surprised to see it reach capacity so soon. As I mentioned, if the offer was open to the 1st million I wonder what will become of all those slots that were registered for yet never used. I’m sure there were many “no-shows”, something we see quite often during our monthly community service.

On another note, I registered twice- once to qualify for my voucher and a 2nd time as the adult accompaning my girls so that they’d be allowed to register for an activity to earn theirs. I had to register to get them in but I hope that didn’t take one of the 1 mil slots available from someone else who wanted to participate:blush: