Give Kids The World Village


Most of you are familure with Make-A-Wish and similar wish granting organizations. Many of us even know of a wish child.

But I want to take a moment to share a little about one of the real hidden gems that really makes the magic happen for our wish families.

Give Kids the World Village is a private resort hidden away in Kississimee. It contains over 100 duplex villas, resturant, movie hall, a chapel, pool, lake and everything else you would expect from a Orlando area resort.

But it’s different. ALL of the guest here are kids with life theatening problems. It was started by a hotel owner who was so up set about not being able to find a place for a wish family to stay one time that he build a place just for them. It’s all themed. We had one little girl that didn’t want to leave the village. They FINALLY convinced here that there was MORE to see!

I have had the pleasure of visiting there several times. Each time I cannot believe the dedication of the staff and volunteers - hundreds of volunteers - that make it all happen.

Wish families are meet at the airport by a volunteer greeter, transported to the village by Meeks, get everything including park tickets and meals onsite. At no cost to them. Disney sends characters there weekly.

This takes a combined effort of corporate and individual sponsors. Please take a minute and visit their website and consider a donation.

Welcome to Give Kids The World

Attached is a family letter that really hit home to me. It reminds me so much of one of our favorate wish kids.

Merry Christmas & Safe and Happy Holidays!


people like you are awesome :slight_smile:


Very good friends of ours stayed there a number of years ago for their son who had brain cancer. She went on and on about how wonder that place is, and how everyone treated them. In fact, I heard more about that than the actual trip to Disney. The only sad thing about it is to think that there are so many sick children out there that they could build and maintain an actual village for them. I guess ones hope that some day, with the powers of medicine and the smarts of our future scientists, that this will no longer be needed due to the fact of finding cures for childhood illnesses.


I have had the privelege of working with a child and his family who spent a week at this resort. Their photos were awesome and they had a phenomenal time! The mom said that each and every person they came in contact with went above and beyond with their friendliness and hospitality. She also said they didn’t even need to leave the resort to go to WDW because there was so much to do. They stay in contact with many folks from there whom she said are “just like family now.” Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it again. :wub: