Give Me the RunDown on DVC


Ok, I want the low down on DVC. I was interested when I saw the booth in the hotel lobby, but just didn’t make the time to get information. I would have 6 in my traveling party on all my trips. How does it work? What does it cost?


The cost depends on how many points you need. We bought 200 points and that will get us about 10 nights in a studio that will sleep 4. You can buy at any resort but Disney is only ‘selling’ BLT and AKL right now. We wanted BCV and we were able to buy there but we had to wait a bit before Disney bought the points back from members who were selling. You would need a two bedroom to sleep all 6 people in your group. I think that would run about 340 points for a week long trip. You can bank and borrow points so you wouldn’t need to buy that many points since you can use 2-3 years worth of points in one trip.

I have a wonderful guide who was awesome about walking us through the whole process. If you want a referral I would be happy to pass her info along to you. As a member we get a something for the referral and there may be a special deal for you.


ok, I am new here and have caught much of the “lingo” but what would be “BTL, AKL, and BCV”.

Also would love a referral, and I am sure a phone call can get me the information or do I have to wait till I go back.


BLT is Bay Lake Tower, it’s the new DVC resort next to the Contemporary Resort.

AKL is Animal Kingdom Villa

BCV is Beach Club Villas

Sorry about that…