Giving Counter Services Some Love!


Hey everyone!

So I was just looking over a lot of the topics on the main thread forum right now, and it just made me think, we are usually discussing ADR’s and great places WE HAVE to eat, or that we should try while on Disney vacation!

Well, that got me thinking of alllll my favorite places to eat… that I NEED to eat at while on vacation. And honestly, I love as many sitdowns and counter services! Whether it be because of fare or atmosphere or special memories!

See, I have a large family 10-13 of us on vacation every year! So when we get into the parks, unless it’s traveling to another park, we don’t go back to the resort until the parks are closed! lol So we always eat lunch at a counter service. And I love them because unlike sit down, it’s a little less formal, and you seem to have more time to sit there, eat and enjoy each others company, while planning out the rest of the day!

So here’s what I’m wondering, what are everyone MUST DO counter services on their trips??

My Families favorites are…
[B]MK- [/B]Casey’s Corner, Comic Ray’s, Peco’s Bill’s.
[B]EPCOT-[/B] Electric Umbrella.
[B]HS-[/B] PIZZA PLANET!, Rosie’s.
[B]DAK-[/B] McDonalds Restaurantosaurous, Yak and Yeti.

I think thats all of them.


they were all about the same to me - very decent - but the one that stood out more than any other from all the parks was:

DAK - Flame Tree BBQ


I agree, most CS are very equal in food, but some just feel special to me and my family. Especially Pizza Planet, it will always have a special place in my heart. Plus I LOVEE the pizza. I think it’s because we spend so much time in there just being with each other, especially when it rains! We aren’t running around and in a hurry, we’re just relaxing and spending our time completely together!


MK: Pinnochio’s Village Haus, Columbia Harbour House
Epcot: is it Teppanyaki? The sushi place in Japan…
AK: Pizzafari
DHS: Pizza Planet, fruit on Sunset Boulevard


For me
MK:Pesco’s Bills,Starlite cafe and Columbia Harbour House
EC: Sunshine Seasons
HS:Nothing really


MK: Columbia Harbour House
Epcot: FW- Sunshine Seasons
WS- Boulangerie Patisserie
HS: The Writer’s Stop
AK: Flame Tree


For my DW and I:

AK: Yak and Yeti
DD: Wolfgang Puck
MK: Harbour House
EP: Tangerine Cafe
HS: ABC Commisary


I’ve found the ham and cheese omelets at Pop Century’s food court are pretty OK.
I’ve also found that sandwiches at Earl of Sandwich aren’t bad when paying out of pocket.

Of course there’s Sunshine Seasons.


MK: Pecos Bill’s, Columbia Harbour House, Cosmic Rays
E: Sunshine Seasons
DHS: ABC Commisary
AK: Flame Tree Barbeque

Resort: Pepper Market


Wolfgang Puck Express :wub:
Pinocchio’s Haus (kids love it and it’s a great place for us to kick back in the air conditioning for a bit)
Boulangerie Patisserie (Steamboat Lily and I :heart: their quiche)
Yorkshire County Fish Shop (DH and the kids’ pick, not mine)
Pizza Planet
Starring Rolls (I know this is more of a snack option, but we use it for breakfast)
Writer’s Stop (again, I know it’s more of snack place, but it’s great for breakfast and a nice rest from the heat. Plus my kids would read all day, so . . .)
Yak and Yeti (LOVE their Honey Chicken!)


MK Cosmic Rays, Peco Bill’s, Casey’s Corner
EC Sunshine Seasons, Electric Umbrella.
HS Planet Pizza
AK Pizzafarie


We like some usual suspects:

Sunshine Seasons
Pecos Bills

And some not-so-often-metioned:

Kringla Bakery
Yorkshire County Fish Shop


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1067175]I’ve found the ham and cheese omelets at Pop Century’s food court are pretty OK.
I’ve also found that sandwiches at Earl of Sandwich aren’t bad when paying out of pocket.

Of course there’s Sunshine Seasons.[/QUOTE]

Honestly, out of most of the resort food courts that I’ve eaten at, POP’s has been the best. They used to make THE BEST Veggie Lomein, but they changed it in like 2008. :sad:


DTD Wolfgang puck express is always a must do.


The Harbor House
Earl of Sandwich
POR: the salad station
FQ: Muffelletta sandwich(sp)

For some reason I can’t think of any others. :huh:


Hands down the BEST counter service in all of WDW is Wolfgang Puck Express in DTD. It really isn’t a CS but qualifies as one one the DDP. If you haven’t been there YOU MUST try it!

MK: Casey’s & Cosmic Ray’s
Epcot: Sunshine Season’s
DHS: None really
AK: Pizzafari or Flame Tree


For us it:
MK - Columbia House, Pecos Bill
Epcot - Rose & Crown Pub
HS - Rosie’s
AK - Flame Tree BBQ


My main thing against counter services is that when it’s peak lunch time, you can never find a table. If you go to find a table before you get your food and have someone sit there and save it, then you look like a jerk for taking up a table that you don’t need, yet. But if you get your food and then try and find a table, then you’re the one wandering around the restaurant for 10 minutes searching for a place to prop down and eat (we have, on a few occasions, resorted to standing and eating :pinch:). That’s why I prefer sit-down… I like having a guaranteed place to sit down and eat. Not to mention, I get tired of pizza and hamburgers.


We like to try the “different” places, because burgers can get old, really fast.

The tuna sandwich in Columbia Harbour House - there always seem to be lots of seating upstairs.

Yorkshire County Fish Shop - take your fish 'n chips into the English Gardens back of the shops.

Boulangerie Patisserie - the fruit and cheese plate is great, so are the croissant sandwiches and quiche. And you can get a glass of wine at the kiosk. There are tables next to it, by the water.

Earl of Sandwich - The Original:heart:
Wolfgang Puck Express - delicious salads - usually can find a little, out-of-the-way place to eat.

Sunshine Seasons - I use to love the grilled salmon; but last time it was dreadful; I’m hoping it was a one-off.

Kringla Bakery - our stop for dessert. Cloudberry cream horns!:heart:

Writer’s Stop - carrot cake cookies!:heart: And it’s always quiet in there.

Restaurantausaurus - for some reason the only place I really enjoy a burger - but eating at “off-times” is a must!

We always try to eat at off-times, so seating usually isn’t a problem for us.


Hmmm. Here are my favorites:

MK - Pecos Bills (This is totally just a sentimental favorite for me. The last time I ate there it actually was not very good)

EPCOT - Sunshine Seasons (Also sentimental. On my first trip to WDW, we ate at counter service in the Land before it was Sunshine Seasons, so it always reminds me of that)

DAK- Pizzafari

DHS - A new favorite for me for breakfast is the Writer’s Stop. I had a great cinnamon bun and coffee there on my last trip!