Giving up free dinning


Due to my DD starting college we had to change our trip from the start of free dinning to aug 7th. Now we must pay, its killing me!:pirate::frown:

What we dont do for our kids.:excl:


Oh boy…I would be frustrated too…sorry my friend.:frown:


Ouch, that’s got to hurt,:crying:but we’d have done exactly the same- hopefully when they get great jobs we can recoup our losses!:laugh:


I feel your pain:heart:


Look on the bright side of it, now you may be able to find some last minute room discounts, maybe:happy:


It’s Disney World!!! Everything will come together…


I wont feel the pain until we come home. We are greatfull to still be going.:mickey::goofybounce:


Well, at least you get to go sooner!


Getting to go sooner is always a bonus!


That stinks for you but at least you still get to go. I miss the days of free dining. As a DVC member, you don’t get the free dining, but it doesn’t keep us from going back though!