"Glory Road"



Can’t wait to see it, I love movies based on a true story. :biggrin:


me, too. it’s so inspiring to see movies like these. it makes me want to get up and do something just like that, you know. i hope “glory road” does well for disney. it does look like a good movie.


I hope it does well because it is all about the story. :smile:


This movie is in very few theaters where I live… We are going to have to drive quite far to see it! Grrrr!


i jsut read on Yahoo! that “Glory Road” is at number one in the box office. I remember reading it made over $13 million. once the numbers are out tomorrow, being a holiday, we’ll see how much more it makes. congrats disney!


Dang it Tragic you beat me to it! Yes, congrats on another #1 take. I’m anxious to see it. Anyone get out to see it this weekend?


sorry rowdy. but when you have no life, like me, you tend to be on the internet a lot. i just saw on Yahoo that “Glory Road” made $13,471,000. i’ll check tomorrow to see what the final numbers were for the holiday weekend.


Well, it was almost a “Glory” weekend, but it got “Hoodwinked” by less than a half a million dollars over the 4 day holiday weekend. Still, way to go Glory Road. Good luck in your run at the box office.


ooooh yeah, it did really well at my theater this weekend, I want to see it very badly!

nice puns rowdy :laugh: I :heart: puns!


Can’t wait to see it!!
Prezcatz Paul


I saw it that movie was amazing. I mean the effort disney puts into those kind of movies(Miracle etc etc etc) is outstanding. I LOVED it!