Go Away Hanna


We are leaving in the morning for 4 days at WDW, but are worried about Hanna. According to WDW, they have their own meteorologists who are convinced that the storm will not affect them. Being a Florida resident myself, though, I am not convinced. If we postpone our trip, we will be giving up free Disney Dining and 3 1-day parkhoppers that we still have from last year’s trip. Have any of you been at WDW during a storm? How do they handle It? Thanks!!


I haven’t been during a storm but I remember a few years ago when all the hurricanes came through Disney handled it really well. WishUponAStar just went during TS Fay and actually had a great time!


A lot of the WDW resorts are actually used as shelters when storms hit the area and the CM are all pretty used to working around storms :wink:

It all depends on how comfortable you would be - would you be thinking about the storm the whole time you are there? Are you ok with being in the parks when it is raining?

I would just pack extra ponchos, a couple of umbrellas and some shoes you will be comfortable wearing in the rain.


I’ve never been there for a tropical storm, but if there is one place on the planet that meticulously plans for every possible scenario, it would have to be WDW. I’d hate to give up on all those passes and pay for them again, especially if it turned out to be nothing.

Hurricane forcasting is the science of predicting the unpredictable.


Hopefully it won’t be a factor. The last I heard it was a unstable storm that may or may not get to hurricane strength and was heading towards the SC coast. Got my fingers crossed for ya.


The last track I saw was Thursday PM for South Fl . . . so you’ll be there two days before it’s in the Orlando area . . . it may even blow out to sea!

Ike is the one everyone down here is REALLY talking about!!!

Wear a poncho, and have a blast!! :smile:


Here’s hoping that Hanna stays away from your vacation and weakens for those that it does effect.


[QUOTE=tea;876213]A lot of the WDW resorts are actually used as shelters when storms hit the area and the CM are all pretty used to working around storms :wink:

It all depends on how comfortable you would be …[/QUOTE]

We arrived just after (by a few hours only) the last major hurricane that went through Orlando, I believe it was 2004. We met several residents that were “sheltered” at WDW because they had medical conditions requiring steady electrical services. The parks were closed for 1 day only, with the exception of AK, closed a little longer to allow them to check fences, etc. The only damage we saw was to gardens, foliage and fountains that took a little longer to sort out.

In fact WDW was in much better shape than the airport, which was leaking all over and had no power.

I wouldn’t vacation in coastal areas during Hurricane season but we’re on our way Sat. with faith that we won’t be slowed by Hanna or Ike.


looks like Hannah is heading for Savannah! I hope that it is not too bad, but ATL could use the rain… We got 3-5 inches from Fay and the lake levels only increased by 2 feet-they are still 17 feet below normal. Rain… Please come up here!


I admit I am nervous about our upcoming trip. I have never tracked hurricanes before. I know Hanna will be long gone before we arrive and I think Ike might be, but Josephine might be one that might be one to be a vacation buster for us. It seem there is just a steady stream of Hurricanes. I think I may decide against a Septemeber trip in the future.

We are driving, how well do the vehicles in the parking lot fair at the resorts?


We’ve been at WDW through a hurricane. They handle everything the way you would expect. The food courts made lots of pizzas and people were buying them whole and setting up shop in their rooms until the storm passed. The power was only out for a short time and everyone was back in the parks within a day or so. We’re leaving in 13 days for our trip and TS Joe looks like she may get in our way a bit but we’re not going to let that stop us:closedeye!


We are about 11 days away. I imagine it will only ruin one day of our trip probably if Josephine comes to Orlando area. We are used to dealing with rain, although I prefer the on and off showers as opposed to a constant rain.

What if you have a ADR during a storm coming through, I would hope they would not charge for not showing for the reservation.


It’s kind of ironic no, first we all thought that Hannah Montana was going to ruin everyones trip this week but instead its Hurricane Hanna that is making an appearance. I do hope that it does stay away so that you enjoy your time at the World


We leave on Tuesday and I’m dreading Ike. If that storm blows inland, it could be major. However, I am so obsessive I check accuweather and weatherchannel several times a day. Although the forecast changes daily, it looks smooth for now!


I am with Princess Pooh, I don’t think Hanna will be much of an issue for WDW. Now for my neck of the woods (NC), we may have some issues.
I am more worried about Ike. He is a big dude right now, and hopefully he will stay away from all land!!


I don’t think Hanna looks like it will do much for anyone, based on what I have seen on the news.

Ike however looks pretty scary.


I think we have to worry more about Ike than Hanna. Ike is really scaring me. It is a Cat 4 right now and I don’t think they know where it’s going yet. Please say some prayers that it stays away from Florida. Hopefully with lots of Prayers it will just go back out to sea.


We’re back and it was GREAT!!! We only had one rain shower the entire time we were there, and the parks were empty!!! We walked on to every ride with no wait, including Space Mountain and Expedition Everest. We rode most rides 2 and 3 times in a row. After the system moved out on Friday, the weather was clear with a comfortable breeze for the Halloween Party. We had a great time. Thanks to all of you who convinced me to take a chance and just go.:happy:


Cool! So glad you had a Magical time! :mickey: