Go back and read your old TRs


Here’s my public service announcement of the day:

Don’t forget to go back sometime and read all your TRs from years past. You can relive those great moments, and it will make you smile. You will be amused by your own writing style. You will chuckle at your jokes. And you will be delighted that the perfect trip highlights were mentioned. Best of all, you’ll love the photos – they feature all the people you love! How cool is that?



Great idea MissDis. Plus maybe it could help with severe cases of PDD.


Oh I love to do this as well. Nothing like re-living a trip, especially when you are jonesing for Disney fix!


I love reading my old trip reports–typos and all.


I read them every once and awhile. I really love to re-read the one where we got engaged :wub:


I like that idea, never really thought to do it! I usually write my TR in a word document and post it in exerpts by day here on MB. But I always keep the word doucment and place it in my scrapbook for more detailed memories! I little crazy, I know, but you never know what will happen to our memory!


Awww. Great idea! I’m just sorry my one and only TR had to be cut short. But I do like to remember even the days I didn’t get to write about.


That’s a great idea. I guess I should probably actually FINISH my last TR. :blink:

BTW, I love your avatar MissDisney! MR. ED!!! :wub:


I do this often…especially now that I have over a year to wait to get back there.:frown:


I :wub: to re-read my TR’s, and everyone elses! I am counting down to writing and re-reading my next TR! :happy:


That’s such a good idea! What a perfect pick-me-up. I think I may just do that today. I’m feeling a little cranky…:dry:


I took your advice and re-read my first TR. I was sad to see how many people are not here any longer, but the kids have grown so much. Thanks, again, for the suggestion.


Great idea…I never did a TR from our December visit last year. I meant to, it was a wonderful trip, both sent of rents came along, great time. HOWEVER…we attended the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas and I was extremely upset. There were more people there for MVMC then during the day with regular admission. I’ve attended several of the parties, and usually attendance is much lower, you get right onto rides…very much worth the cost. MVMC was packed, maybe people not leaving the park but even the rides were packed. Not sure I’ll spring for a party again… I didn’t write one then as I didn’t want one bad experience to make the entire trip seem bad. Maybe with some time for the scars to heal, doing a TR now will be OK. Hmmm.


I just reread my first TR . . . my kids are so big now! :crying:

But it was fun reliving the trip! :wub:


My first TR was posted too long ago to be saved in the system, I am afraid. I wish I had printed it out so I could keep it.


I just finished reading my TR from last year…it was just the therapy I needed! I was turning into a stress monster today, but reading my TR put a big smile on my face. :wub:

I’m glad Ryan printed out the TRs from our first trip to DL and our wedding trip, because they probably aren’t around anymore. (Unfortunately the printed copies are stowed away in Alaska! :rolleyes:)


This reminds me that I need to finish my old TRs. :ninja: Oops…