Go by and say "Hi!" to my son


Hey, if you are in the Magic Kingdom, look for my son and say “Hi!” :tongue: He just started working last week. He is in customer relations and loves his job. He works in a couple of places that I know of so far. Town Hall is the main place, then the board that shows how long the lines are for the rides, and lost and found. He wears the black pants, with plaid vest and white shirt. His name is TJ. He is a handsome devil :wub: Who knows maybe he will give you a free drink or popcorn, they can do that you know


I am so glad that he loves his job. If I remember, I will look for him in October.


That’s great he loves his job. It looks like you are going to visit him in a couple of weeks, have a great trip.


Oh how exciting. I want his job.


I’m going to the MK on Tuesday. I’ll be sure to stop by Town Hall to see if TJ is working then.


That is great! Congratulations to TJ and his job at Disney.


Congrats to TJ, if I remember I will stop by in September!!!


I’m going to the MK on Tuesday, too! So, I’ll be sure and say Hi!


I’ll make sure to look for him when I go in september, I never turn down free pop corn! :blush:


Awww congrats for him!


Hey! Congratulations to your son! I think it is so cool that he works in WDW and really loves his job! :happy:


Awe, that’s great! Congrats to him, and you!


that’s very cool! Chastmaster and I will definitely stop and say hello the next time we’re there.