Go to WDW and help the world at the same time


Ok, Folks,
Here’s the deal. I am a longtime mousebuzzer, and also a longtime Rotarian. My Rotary club, www.wegorotary.org, is conducting an auction, mostly on ebay. However, some high ticket items are going privately instead of on ebay. I have 72 pts. at Old Key West that must be used by 12/1/09 up for bid. I am asking $700 minimum. And, remember, folks, this money is not for me. In fact, I will ask the winning bidder to make out the check to “Westtown-Goshen Rotary Foundation.” Why do you care about that? Two reasons: first, it’s a 501C3, which means your bid is tax deductible; second, the money goes to help eradicate polio from the face of the earth, and also to help feed starving, malnourished children in third world nations.
As an added bonus, if you want to go soon, I will throw in 10 more points that must be used by 9/1/09.
I will accept bids, by PM only, for one week, until 7:15 a.m. Eastern time Saturday, June 13. I will post the amount of the highest bid a few times during the week. With permission, I will post the name of the winner, also.
Walt always said it was about the dream. Let’s help some kids who will probably never see WDW dream of a better world.:heart::heart::heart:


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Jeff, what a great thing to do! It’s less than $10 a point, this REALLY is a great deal for someone! I hope you get them rented!


No bids yet, so at this point the first $700 takes it. Remember, folks, this is for 82 points total if used by Sept. 1.


I wish I could use these points but we already have our trip booked. Good luck, I hope someone is interested.


Ok, Folks,

The auction has been extended until Thursday, June 18 at noon. Since I have no bids so far, I will take the first reasonable offer. PM me soon or miss out on this great deal, not to mention you’ll feel good about yourself.:wub:


:frown:Well, sad to say the auction is over. These points are now offered by me personally. First offer over $700 takes it. I would still want the check made out to Rotary International.


Just an FYI, you can hold charity auctions on ebay . . . the money goes to your charity, you reach a wider audience. Does DVC allow you to do that?


Jeff -
I am so sorry your auction didn’t go. I wish I could go (beleive me more than you can imagine), but it’s just not in the cards for me at this time. I would have snapped that deal up!


It’s funny you bring that up. We actually did have an ebay component to the auction, but the person who ran the auction decided not to put the higher ticket items on there. I’m not sure why, but in hindsight, this probably should have been there.

Whenever this does sell, I still will give the money to Rotary for a program called :frostyangPolioPlus:frostyang, which, together with $355,000,000 from the Gates Foundation, is attempting to make polio the second disease eliminated from the face of the earth-the first was smallpox.