Going Alone


In late January I will be going back to WDW for a conference. I will be staying at the yacht Club and I have extended my room for three extra days, but it looks like my DW and DD will not be joining me! ! !

I have been to WDW without the family before, but I had a coworker with me who is an even bigger Disney nut then I am so we had a blast together.

I am trying to figure out how to spend those extra days. I will be able to go in the evenings during the conference so I will get my ride fix. Plus they will rent out one of the parks for one evening, last year they rented AK, what a blast.

But I really want to make the most of the extra days and being there without any other commitments.

Anyone have any suggestions?


I don’t know what I would do if I was there by myself but I am sure I would find something to do. :laugh: :laugh: Just do all of YOUR favorite things.


When I had a solo day at Disneyland last summer, I had a blast using photopass. I had every photographer I saw take my picture, I struck poses, I was just plain silly, and I had a great time. The CMs were usually surprised I was alone, but when they saw how happy I was, they were happy, too, and took time with the pictures and had fun with me.

It’s so freeing, you go at EXACTLY the pace you want to, you do exactly what you want to do. You just take it all in without any distractions. I guess it’s not for everyone, and I love my Disney trips with DH & with DS… but I also had a really wonderful time alone.

You’re going to have a great time. Have fun!


How exciting for you Harry. You should do all the things you have never had the chance to do. Maybe a tour? That could be fun. If not a tour, you should try to get on every single attraction in each park…something fun like that. You will be able to get on things so much easier using singlep-rider lines and being alone…watch shows. WOW! I want to come…got room?:laugh:


Wow I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I were there alone! :eek:

My mom went alone a few years ago (also for a conference) and she said that the most fun she had was doing all of the things that the rest of the family would have found boring. (i.e. spending extra time shopping in the World Showcase, riding the transportation to visit different resorts, etc.) Focus on what you’d really like to do - take advantage of not having anyone else’s input for once! :happy:


Yeah. Take me with you. :laugh:

Actually, I’d recommend a tour. I’ve done the behind the scenes one at MK and really enjoyed it.


Dana, You are always welcome to join me!

A tour sounds like a great idea guess I will need to do my research.

Thanks all,


about 7 years ago, we had a vacation planned, then school changed things around at the last minute. Tim was there for 3 days by himself. he had a great time. went on the things that he wnted to, just relaxed and did not have me haunting him about the nightlife.


You will have a super time!! i agree with others - a tour would be fun…or just make a list of the things that you never have time to do, and do them!

wait…i know…

see if you can break the MB record on splash?


:eek: All I can say is, that would be one WET trip! Bring a lot of spare changes of clothes! :laugh:


Oooo make a list of all the things you want to do, rides, shows, shopping! You will have a great time! Really treat yourself!