Going BACK to see the Mouse for Christmas (Our First Holiday Trip)


HEY, Mousebuzzers,

I miss you people, I’ve been gone for a few years, got a new career (teaching middle school math) and my daughter has graduated high school - BUT we are going back to Disney for the week before Christmas Dec. 17-21 and staying at our first moderate - Coronado Springs!

Need advice on what has changed, what has to be seen, done (especially holiday things). We are going to the Christmas Party, too, so any info/tips on that is appreciated.

Scrolling through the forum, I remember you all fondly: DisneyTeacher, Zoomaster, RLCarmichael…glad to still find you here.

Can’t wait to hear from you!!

Michelle :mickey:


Welcome back!! Your daughter graduated–Where has the time gone? My son just turned 17 and will be a senior next year.

You are going to love Disney at Christmas, it’s so magical. When we went for Christmas we knew it would be busy but we went in expecting not to get as many attractions done. We had a few must dos and everything after that was a bonus. We also did the holiday party, we made a point to enjoy the party things and do fewer attractions that night. It’s been too many years for me to give to specific advice but we enjoyed a stage show, the parade, cookies and hot chocolate.

We could easily see the crowds build every day as we got closer to Christmas. However, by getting to the parks at rope drop each day we got plenty of attractions done then when the parks were crowded in the afternoon we slowed down and soaked in all the holiday magic while everyone else was waiting in line.


I have to agree with Disney Teacher we did our first rope drop in May and in the first 3 hours at MK while everyone went and got in line for the seven dwarf mine train we were able to walk on to 12 rides in that time frame before the park started to get busy. I am also glad to see you back on here we need more returns of the veterans on here. Above all else what I messed up on was the fastpass plus reservations is that at the 45 day mark they start to do that at midnight eastern time so stay up late that night and get your fast passes done at that time.


Well lots don’t forget dining reservations 180 days out,if you want to learn about fast pass plus and the 60 day window you have time but know in advance you must have tickets at least 60 days out to use that window…to me the biggest changes are downtown…new restaurants (boat house etc)…the OK mine ride ,some new parades etc but that 180 day window is close also since you are going around Christmas check the window for hard ticket event maybe you will miss it but not the crowds…have fun