Going Crazy with wonder...December EMH and MCMCP ticket sales?


Ok, so I like to have everything planned WAY ahead of time; I know it’s only February but I’m tyring to map out which parks to visit on which days and nights and where to make my ADR’s but I can’t really narrow all this down until I find out when the December EMH come out and when the MVMCP tickets go on sale. Can anyone shed some light on this for me???

Going crazy with wonder. :wacko:


I am in the exact same boat as you! December seems like forever from now, but when it comes to planning, and ADR’s we need to know now!:laugh:


Oh thank you all, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one … I’m in the same slightly “frantic” planning mode for September.

I’ve used this site to help Walt Disney World park hours, fireworks and parade times, Disney World park hours. It lists the hours and events for months currently posted and those from last year. I don’t know how acurate it will be but at least it’s a start for my purposes.

Maybe someone out there knows how much they change from year to year? :huh:


Let’s see…August hours just came out so…I would guess December hours will be out around June or July? They seem to come about 6 months out these days.
I am not sure when MVMCP tickets will go on sale but I would imagine it would be around the same time.


I’d say Whitba’s on the right track. Look at the hours for last December and if you can, December 2006. It will give you a good enough idea of when the Christmas parties should be and EMH sessions. I do know that the basic EMH schedule has been in effect for quite some time, but December 2007’s schedules will give you your best shot at planning.


Thanks for the site - this helps somewhat, looks like MVMCP was on T, THR and FRI during the week this past December; I was hoping for a Wednesday. I definitely will be looking forward to June when I can actually book my ADR’s and finally get my travel plan set in stone.


Daisee - Ain’t that the truth!!! :laugh:


It is never too early to plan!

Question: Are you a park hopper or a one-park-a-day kind of vacationer?


We park hop, our main focus right now is MK. When we do Hollywood Studios or Epcot we like to spend the latter part of the day back at MK. My kids are crazy about Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain (they’re 6 and 8).

How about you?


July first should be when they appear. The MVMCP may be annouced WAY ahead of that. Tickets went on sale for the when they announced MNSSHP last year. They did them both…you were also able to add the LTT ADR then as well.