Going in december


:confused: Will it be too cold in December to enjoy the pool? We were planning on going to Discovery Cove until I read that it can get into the 30s!


We have gone the first week in December for the past 4 or 5 years. The weather has aways been differnet. One year it was in the high 80’s other years in has been in the low 70’s or even 60’s. The nighttime can be cold…winter coats , hats and gloves
We have pictures from the MVMCP with shorts and t-shirts one year and Winter coats the next :biggrin:

Discovery cove may be a gamble…bring a wetsuit :biggrin: :biggrin:

Maybe someone from the area can give you better advice

Have a good trip!


Your right KarenT. Florida is unpredictable in the Winter. We usually enjoy the resort pools even on cool nights because they are heated. One year it was bitter cold, and even the steam rising off the pool wasn’t gonna convince us to go in. It is usually warmer during the day. My advice would be bring a jacket and shorts, you will probably use both. And depending on your tolerance, you could still enjoy Discovery Cove.


It can get that low, but it’s rare. I went in January and my DD was able to use the pool multiple times. The pools are heated and we just went right in and got her dressed after getting out. The temps ranged from the low 60’s to 85 the 6 days we were there. I never even used anything heavier than a sweatshirt. You will be fine. You are so lucky to get to see all the resorts and parks in the holiday decore. What fun that would be. Congrats on your upcoming trip. :mickey:


When going in winter, always pack for warm or cold weather. One year we went at Christmas time and it was in the 30’s to 50’s the whole time. People were coming up and asking me where we bought our baby’s snowsuit (back in PA). They were selling mickey mouse ski caps in the park for about $15 and sold out within a few hours. People who weren’t dressed properly were freezing. Pack for both types of weather and cross your fingers that it will be warm enough to do your discovery cove sidetrip.


In Dec 02 we went to disney for the weekend and it was sooo cold. We were at the MVMCP and it was in the low 40’s. We even left the MVMCP early because it was getting colder and colder. During the day it was in the 60’s. I specifically remember because it was the first trip to disney with my son, who had just turned 1 that weekend. And that was in early December.

If you go in December, do what the other posters suggested…bring clothes for cold and warm weather, or bring extra $ and buy anything you need and dont have there.

Overall though, disney in December is soooo nice!



I can’t agree with you more. Even though I was blessed with warm weather in January, I was packed for 30 degree just in case. :mickey:


My sister, my DD and myself were in WDW Dec. of 2002 also. We were so happy that we had our winter coats! When we go to WDW in Dec, Jan or Feb, we always wear our winter coats to the airport. That way you have them just in case.
However the Mickey winter hats and gloves are real cute. I bought some for my DD !

As others have stated I aways pack for warm and cold weather. Better to be safe then freezing!

Have a great trip



We went one bitterly cold February. (It was that El Nino year and the weather was NUTS). Our tradition was to get our children one little gift per day. One freezing day I asked my youngest what she would like and she looked at me so pathetically and said, “Please, Mommy, gloves”. OK - the kid was at WDW, but it still broke my heart!


The pools are usually warm enough during December. And if you’re staying at a moderate or deluxe there’s always the hottubs.


Many of the posts you have read are absolutely correct. We have been 8 times during the first week of December. One year it was in the 40s and all we had were shorts - we spent a fortune on winter clothes, but they were great souviners. The next year we went with friends and told them to bring their winter clothes. Of course, the temps never went below 70s. Go figure :confused: . Without overpacking, bring a little of everything - especially those items you can layer, that always solves everything.

We are headed down Saturday after Thanksgiving for 8 days. Our countdown has begun.


When one winter, it was in the 70’s all week, just beautiful, but the last day the temp was in the low 30’s in the morning, and rose to about 40’s. Disney could not keep hats, mittens, gloves and scarfs on the shelfs. People were grabbing for anything and everything. It was hilarious.


Oh llama that is one of the cutest and saddest things I’ve ever heard! :pinch: That weather does sound nutty 'cause I was there this past February and although I needed a jacket at night, I wore shorts and got a sunburn!


We enjoyed Port Orleans the first week of December of 2001. Cold at night, but shorts everyday. We even made it to the waterparks twice. Going in December has big advantages, low attendance, off season rates and the Xmas cheer is everywhere!
Have fun!