Going in December


YYEEAA!! Just made reservations for a trip first two weeks in December. Went this same time with just DW for our 30th anniversary last year. This time taking the two unmarried children with us – DD(25) and DS(22). Nemo suite at A of A.

Now, just wait and see if we get a free-dining offer like we did last year. :blush:


Our first trip with adult kids was when our oldest 2 were the same ages. Such a differnet dynamic. Had a blast. Hope you do too.


Congrats on your trip. Let us know how the A of A resort is.


Sounds like a great trip.


See you there, Big Al!

I’m just hoping for any kind of good discount… since it’s that or staying at a Value that’s not AofA, or making it a shorter trip! I’ve got 10 days on my mind, so here’s hoping…


It’s always exciting to book a trip! Congratulations!:happy:


Congratulations on the trip, December is a wonderful time to go.


Great time to go. We should be there in early December also.


We are heading out on Thanksgiving and will be there that first week of December. Looks like the place will be “Buzzing” that first week in December.