Going in to WDW in 15 days- Will spread some Pixie Dust for anyone


Hello everyone. We are leaving for WDW (Our 1st trip) in 15 days. I know that a couple of times that people have sent my son some stuff from Disney World in the mail. Would like to return the favor to others. If there is someone that you would like to send some pixie dust to email me. I am in my last semester of nursing school so please email me the request to my email address because I will check that more than the board.

My email is ak172@suddenlink.net

Would love to share some disney with anyone.



We’re leaving in 18 days, so I don’t need any, thanks anyway. Have a wonderful time. I’m sure you’re as excited as I am. Merry Christmas. Lynn


Just wanted to wish you MAGICAL time!!


We leave in 16 ! We can all spread the magic! Trip reports for every one!


I will send a trip report as soon as I get home.


That is so nice! Have a wonderful trip!!!


Have a great time to all of you going! I’m so jealous! :slight_smile:


Six days…I’ll leave the lights on for you. :biggrin:

WOW…1st trip! Be sure to stop in the town hall on main street and get your 1st trip buttons. (It’s one of the FEW free things!)

Have a GREAT time! Whatever you do make sure you DON’T miss the Christmas Wishes fireworks, the Osmond Family Lights (MGM), and Christmas Around the World (Epcot.)

And take time to visit the GF - the ginger bread house and tree in the lobby are wild!


Have a wonderful trip!


Very sweet of you to offer to send Disney magic! Have a wonderful trip!