Going on school sponsored trips


I think I know the answer but I’ll put it to the experts here…I am going with my DD’s school band to WDW in April. We’re staying off property (boo!). Can I buy a Magic Band ahead of time or do I have to wait until we get there? I’d really like to try (emphasis on “try”) to take care of as much of the details as possible ahead of time, of course. I’m really frustrated because the agency taking care of the trip is not being very forthcoming with ANY info (like the reservation number) so I can link my My Disney Experience account. (I’m kind of a control freak when it comes to my WDW vacations…letting someone else do the planning is driving me crazy)


You can buy a magic band before you go, Disney shopping has a lot to pick from.

I’ve been on two high school band trips and the lack of control is hard. I had another trip planned a few weeks after each trip so it was easier to just roll with it since I knew I would be back so soon.

We also stayed off site (comfort inn and suites) and it was hard. However, we had to stay in the parks all day so it didn’t matter much in the end. We are not open to close people so that was hard. I like to take a break and cool off (dry out!) but that wasn’t an option. I tried to pack only what I had to have but it was hard knowing I could not go back to the room no matter what.

In the end I had a really good time on both trips. I had a wonderful group of kids each time and that made it really easy to have fun. I had all of them in class for at
least and year, some of them two years and I think that helped.

Have fun. It’s exhausting but so much fun.


When you went, did Disney set aside some FP’s for your group? I asked in the school band’s FB page, was basically shamed by the page Admin and told that when the band director would give everyone the opportunity to select their FP’s at the last trip meeting (which is 8 DAYS BEFORE THE TRIP). I think her exact words were “they set aside passes for our group, and they never run out of Fast Passes anyway, relax.” (growl)


Our band director booked fastpasses as soon as he could and we all got the same ones for almost the same times. I’m not sure if he booked at exactly 30 days out but he was concerned about it and did it as soon as he could. I was surprised he could get 60+ fastpasses for the same times at 30 days out (or less).

Disney didn’t set any passes aside for us. I know our band director asked about it when he was planning our trip because we hadn’t been with the band since the change to FP+. Maybe other tour companies have different luck.

I’m sorry your group isn’t as worried about it as mine, I hope it works out.