Going on Vacation


So my grandparents are snowbirds and leave Michigan the 1st of Oct until the day before thanksgiving then go back to Tampa the day after Christmas until April. But last year our small family went from 9 to 7 my grandfather lost his mother and biggest hit was they lost their daughter, my aunt, by a doc mistake. Long and sad story! But about 3 weeks ago they walked over to my home(they live across the street) and stated that they wouldn’t be coming home to Michigan for the holidays this year. That maybe we could come there. So after trying to figure everything we made plans Me, DH. DS7, DS7 and DM to fly into MCO on Tuesday DEC7 stay the night at POP, going to the MVMCP and then go to Tampa the rest of the week then staying one more night at Disney then coming home Monday. Until last night they walk over again and state “Change of plans”! Grandpa states he would like to go to Cocoa Beach has never been and would like to stay the night. I say O.K. I get my folder out and start making change’s, looking for a hotel in Cocoa Beach. So we are staying the night DEc7 at POP, then leaving and going to Cocoa Beach on WED DEC8, then to Tampa I show him the plans and 30 minutes later HE STARTS LAUGHING AT ME!!! I ask him why and he says to grandma tell her and she says no you tell her. 5 minutes later he says I have booked us TWO ROOMS ON THE DISNEY WONDER FOR 3DAYS!!! Leaving DEC9 I couldn’t believe it! After jumping up and down. I asked him if he was joking he then showed me the confirmation. My grandfather is not a Disney fan so this was a big deal to me! He ask that we don’t tell the boys until we get to Florida because he wants to tell them. O.K. by me!!! At least he told me!! I still can’t believe it but now I need to change that first night at Disney to somewhere else they have done so much I really can’t put him at POP during POP WARNER!!


This hotel is REAL close to the cruise terminal and very nice and also has a shuttle to the terminal.
Radisson Resort at the Port, Cape Canaveral Florida


And if you go to Radisson’s site you could be lucky enough to see Disney’s Wonder live in port. They have a cool port cam.


Thanks, I am working on that now!


What an awesome surprise! Have fun!


That is wonderful news!! Have a blast and enjoy your family!