Going this weekend...how's the crowds been?


We’re going back for the weekend and hoping it’s not too badly infested with spring breakers. :eek: Any ideas from you CMs and locals out there?


I was there a week ago and the crowds were pretty normal–maybe even a little sparse. Wait times at the parks were shorter than usual, and you shouldn’t have a problem with congestion.


Well I have been a little stuffy lately but Sudafed works great…oh you mean crowd congestion… :laugh:



I was there last week too and like Lefty said it wasn’t too bad. But I’m trying to get a hotel room for one night for next week and Disney is practically booked solid - no values, no moderates, deluxes at $400 a nite and up. (or so I was told) So I guess it’s going to get a lot more crowded pretty fast. :eek:


Ahem… Don’t you owe us a TR… HMMMMMMMMM?


hehe… maaaaaaybe…
Baloo wants a hand in it too, so I’m waiting for him. (I also need time to destroy all his embarrassing pictures of me before he gets a chance to post them.)


Spring Break has sprung!!! I was helping out Beast at Epcot today, and DANG!!! Be careful when you get here. There’s a LOT of people on property, but also don’t let it spoil your fun understand?!


Man…I was hoping the crowds wouldn’t come.


I agree with Rowdy…the crowds have definitely arrived! You know spring break is here when the treehouse has a wait. Last time I checked the guest count at the treehouse (we have to do it manually), it was over 10,000 guests before 6pm…and this is at the treehouse. That’s just crazy. :huh:


Never do Rowdy :dry:


We are here this week, and I have never seen it this crowded. I have talked to several CMs, and they have all told me it is the busiest Spring they have seen in over 8 years. Everything at AK on Tuesday was over 90 minutes, and Everest has been over 2 hours every time I have seen it. We were at Blizzard Beach yesterday, and it was great, no one was there, but it was on the cool side, never got above about 73 degrees, so it may have kept people away. Last night in the MK everything was over 90 minutes as well. We have been using the fast passes a lot, and spending a lot of time at the pool. If you are coming in the next couple of weeks, expect large crowds. Get to the parks early and load up on fast passes.


That’s crazy. My school (FSU) had Spring Break last week. I guess the majority of colleges are this week.


I know sad for all everyone who gets stuck in crowds, but Yeah!!! for Disney!


We’re into Spring Break now… MK is open till 11 or midnight many nights, MGM is staying open till 9 many nights. It was very crowded last Sunday and Monday


Are there still alot of spring breakers around easter timeframe?? April 14-28 is my trip.


There may be a couple of schools, but that’s the tail end before the summer season starts.


Thanks for the heads up Mickey, Rowdy, and Ginger! We knew it was going to be crowded, but it sounds like it will be extra-crowded. It really helps to set the expectations.



Are you kidding me?
10,000 at the treehouse?
I hate doing that… too much physical work.
If I end up doing it, I do it last… and I need a nice big cup of coffee after that attraction.


Great we are going next week I really do not like crowds I usually go end of August. And have a blast never wait time. I guess it is going to be diffrent this time. Last time I do it during Spring Break.


I know you guys on this forum really hate waiting and really hate crowds, but do try to make the best of it. Take Everest for example. It’s EXTREMELY popular and the waits are always an hour or more, but there’s soooooooooooooooo much in the queue line to see. So many details. You can make a game out it seeing what all you can spot. Helps really to pass time. Above all, have fun. Never let the idea of a lot of people ruin your fun at a place as wonderful as WDW.