Going to Disneyland


We might be going to Disneyland… We’ve never been and we might be going to Disneyland, see the sights in southern CA, and then driving up to San Francisco… What do I need to look for along that drive? Good hotels?

Any advice on Disneyland/Anaheim/hotels itself? Looking for any information that you have or want to give… Thanks in advance.


You might really love taking a break at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium – it is absolutely amazing! The whole area around it is some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire United States, and the aquarium itself is stunning and fascinating.

If we were making that drive, we’d plan a stop, no question! Here is the link:

Monterey Bay Aquarium

You won’t forget this place!


Thanks Miss Disney. I appreciate it!


There are a lot of options for making the drive… but if you want the seriously scenic route, go ahead and take PCH… which will take you right to the aquarium.

Solvang is an interesting little tourist trap. Pea Soup Andersen’s is an institution!

As for Disneyland… I’m such a Disneyland Hotel girl. The Grand Californian is supposedly nicer, and the location is slightly better… but the Disneyland Hotel is magical. :wub:

The “Good Neighbor Hotels” are fairly close to the parks and have transportation… some even closer to the front gate than the DLH. Some come very highly recommended. It all depends on what you’re looking for. If I wasn’t staying at the DLH, I wouldn’t hesitate to stay across the street. (And for a WDW person, it might surprise you how very much in the middle of the city the Disneyland Resort is. When I say “across the street”, it’s across a very busy many-laned road, with all sorts of non-Disney stuff all over the place. Nothing like the WDW parks, which seem away from the real world.)

I love talking about Disneyland… ask more questions! :happy:


Oh I will- we are just starting to plan it… I’m so excited. Our trip to California has turned into a trip to LA/Disney with a drive thrown in… lol… Now to get to the planning!


Eh… I know others disagree… but LA’s not all that. :laugh: What else are you thinking about doing in Southern California?

I’d live there… not sure I’d want to visit if so many friends weren’t there!

Oh. Baja Fresh. Eat at Baja Fresh. (Wait. I think there’s one here not far from the GA aquarium here. But I was trying to think about where I absolutely have to go when I’m in SoCal.)


Also: In-n-Out makes me sick. But everyone else seems to love it!


well… we thought we would just see it for a short time. But since there is not much else to do there- go to Disney popped into my head. then we are driving to San Fran… and will end our trip with a visit to the Walt Disney Museum too-along with seeing other things there… taking the kids-so we can’t get too crazy.


Have time for a trip to the wine country? You could check into a nice motel, hit a spa, grab some food and taste some amazing vinos!


I have, and continue to be, a strong supporter of Priceline.com for cheap prices at nice hotels. I mean, don’t get me wrong. If you have the fundage to stay at the Grand Californian, by all means do so. It’s unbeatable for quality and location. But if you are budgeting, the best thing to do is name your own bid. I have tried to stay at 3 star or better. I usually succeed at $50.00 or so for the Hyatt or Marriott. I have found once I get to 2 1/2 stars or so, suddenly the quality drops. I’ve listed the hotels that I’ve stayed at for the past ten years. If I can’t get a nice hotel for a cheap price, I just start expanding outwards. I also use “commando” tactics. Instead of trying to get a five day trip at the same hotel, I break it up by days. It’s much easier to get good deals, though it means packing up and checking in every night.

But it HAS been three years since I last stayed at Disneyland. If you have a rental car, your options expand quite a bit. PM me if you need more information. :pirate:


Thank you for your help!!! I definitely will.


we usually stay at the hyatt regency it is very nice newly remodeled and has a shuttle (for FEE)… they have very reasonable rates and kids eat free with an adult purchase,lately either the economy is getting better or they are trying a new pricing scheme but a night was around 100,now more like 135…AAA or AARP also several nice restaurants are easily in walking distance …also if you are looking for suites they have very good rates


[QUOTE=hanwill;1128567]We might be going to Disneyland… We’ve never been and we might be going to Disneyland, see the sights in southern CA, and then driving up to San Francisco… What do I need to look for along that drive? Good hotels?

Any advice on Disneyland/Anaheim/hotels itself? Looking for any information that you have or want to give… Thanks in advance.[/QUOTE]

hearst castle,big sur,monterry bay and silicone valley along the way…and SF speaks for itself way to many things to mention…


The La Brea Tar Pits are really cool. Home Page | Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits I would also recommend Hearst Castle. We lived out that way for a year and loved it! Went back for a visit a couple of years ago and stayed at Columbus Motor Inn in SF. Found it on Trip Advisor, and it proved to be a good, affordable place. Columbus Motor Inn We did stay at the Grand Californian when we went to Disneyland, and it was fabulous! Legoland is also fun, but it’s a bit further south.


While in LA, (besides the usual Hollywood & beach visit) I would recommend the griffith observatory for views and a hike, the museums on Wilshire like LACMA and Peterson Automotive, and Farmer’s Market/the Grove for shopping.

On your drive up, definitely take Pacific Coast Highway, and stop wherever you see something interesting… Carpinteria, Santa Barbara, Hearst Castle, Monterrey. There’s a great website called roadtripusa.com that has a good list that I usually check before for ideas.

And may I make one more suggestion, If you’re gonna be all the way in SF, you may as well make a trip to Yosemite!! It’s gorgeous!! My friends have done it as a daytrip once, but you would probably want to spend at least one night there. Just a thought! Have fun, and feel free to ask more questions!! :smile:

p.s… do try In-n-Out while visiting!


When we did our DL and CA visit 20 years ago, the coast highway was closed in places due to fires…we had to detour inland to get from SF to LA…we missed a lot of good things however we did go thru Yosemite and the Redwood(?) I think? My DD called it the Star Wars forest…it was awesome! If you have the time you might like to see that.

Not too too far from DL is Richard Nixons childhood home and museum…that was a step back in time and my DD enjoyed seeing all the political stuff from his days…


ok… can I squeeze in Disney, LA, driving to San Francisco, Yosemite in? How long should I plan on all of this? Surely not a week… I’m tired just thinking about it… The things to do out there seem like so much fun for my kids right now- ages 13, 11 and 2… this will be an adventure.


That does sound like a great itinerary for kids! I guess the length of trip question comes down to how much time/money you are willing to spend, and your family’s priorities. I would think 2-3 days for LA and surrounding areas, 2-4 days for Disney, 1-2 days for the drive depending on how leisurely you want it to be, 1-3 days in Yosemite, 2-3 in San Fran…so you could make it anywhere between 1 and 2 weeks!

You could for instance take the I-5 & CA-99 up to Yosemite, and from there travel to San Francisco, but you would miss out on Driving PCH. Or you could make Yosemite a side-trip from SF… again, it all depends on your family’s priorities and vacation style!


I was thinking 3-4 days at Disney/LA… then drive to SAN fran… stay the rest of the trip, with a day drive over to Yosemite thrown in… still… it could easily be more than a week.


Your trip is stressing me out.

What are you planning to do in LA besides Disney?