Going to DL in March!


it looks like we’re actually going to DL in March!! I’m so excited to be going for my birthday. we’re looking to stay at the Peacock Suites, since it’s part of the RCI program and we have a timeshare through them. Also, we’re looking into getting the Southern California City Passes from Costco which not only grant us 3 day park hoppers for DL, but also a 1 day admission to Sea World, 1 day admission to Universal Studios and 1 day admission to the San Diego Zoo or the Wild Animal Park. Nothing has been booked yet but it’s in the works. I’m so excited. I thought I’d share this with you guys!!


Very cool! I hope you have a great time. We’ll be expecting a TR upon your return!:happy:


Awesome, enjoy! I wish I could go for my birthday.


Wow…I wonder if our Costco sells Disneyland/World tickets? That’s awesome! Have a great time!


That sounds like a fun trip. DL is great in March. We’ve been several times in late Feb or early March because it’s our anniversary.

How do you like RCI timeshares?



How do you like RCI timeshares?[/QUOTE]

So far, we like the one we’ve stayed at here in Vegas. Hopefully, the one I have picked out in Anaheim will be just as nice. It’ll be a new experience for us to stay at a different RCI resort. I’ll definitely tell you guys about it when we get back.


I hope things go well at the RCI timeshare in Anaheim…we love to go to Las Vegas so we’ll have to check that one out. Can’t wait to hear how your trip goes.


I wanted to go to DL too but I wasnt sure about were to stay or how to get there can you give me any tips on that stuff. like were did you find your airline tickets and the hotel stay. my g/f wanted to go from 12-27-09 to 1-3-10 but other than the date I have no idea what else to get or do.

like what airline are you using? what airport are you flying into?


You can use your DVC points at the Disney hotels or there’s an entire row of inexpensive hotels that border the DL property that are walking distance. There are lots of hotels with shuttle service but I’ve never had luck with those in the past. Not reliable like the busses in FL.

Google DL hotels and look for the ones on Harbor Blvd. Book it soon because they fill up fast for that time of the year.