Going to DtD


for some EoS and Gherardelli.

Maybe we’ll watch some Wishes, too!

See ya late tonight! Around 1 or so!

Bye! :wub:


Lucky you! Think of me while your at EoS!


Agghhh… Erin that was just plain mean!


Have fun Erin!!

60 seconds…blah, blah, blah


Awe have fun!!


Guess there will be no pictures …huh Erin?


You are a fast learner, Madre! LOL! No pictures.


we never made it to DtD! LOL!

As we were driving in, Matt is like…“IS there some place to eat at EPCOT”


“Let’s just go there!”


WE made a good choice, too, cuz the MK closed early for Grad nite.

So, we hung out at EPCOT till it closed.

It was ALOT of fun! I’ll do a TR if ya want, but it won’t be all that great w/o pics.

Let me know!!

WE did have a blast, though!!


Nothing better than World Showcase at night. And duh… of course we would like a trip report… Maybe you could draw us some pictures of your evening and post those… that could be interesting…


Of Course we want a trip report Erin. Why wouldn’t we?


Okay… let me get this, you live in Orlando or close by that you can go anytime?

So why aren’t you on the DC Welcome to Disney committee! We would have loved to have met you… maybe next trip! :cool:


I was going to go to Epcot last night. Drew and I went to park at the Boardwalk around 7:30 and it was jammed. No parking anywhere. So we gave up and went to Taco Bell instead. :laugh:

Was it pretty crowded since the MK closed early?



Erin, SOME of us, are DIsney deprived and can’t go every 5 minutes…so please…help us!


That would be SO funny! I think I will :wink:


I live about 2 hours away. :c)

Next trip will be a definite! :c) I would of loved to meet you and your family, too!!!


I don’t know!! :c) :blush: I’m glad you DO want one, though!! :happy:

Yes! It was really crowded! I figured it would be. Once we got there, and saw the Gradnite signs, we knew it was gonna be crowded no matter what…
We had Mexican food, too - just not Taco Bell :laugh:


:laugh: You’re such an addict!

Ok, just for you! One trip report sans pictures coming up! :wink: