Going to MNSSHP. Little Help Please!


Hello everyone!

My friend and I are going to be in Florida over Halloween and are considering going to MNSSHP. I love being in the Magic Kingdom after dark and I feel this will be the only real chance we having of being there at night seeing as the parks close quite early through the od of October / start of November.

Anyway, I was just wondering, is it very geared for children (Trick or Treating for example) or do you reckon we’d enjoy it being that we’re both in our mid-twenties (But still take time to appreciate the magic!!)

Any advice greatly appreciated! Thanks :flowers:


Well, I haven’t been to MNSSHP yet, but I am going this year. I am in my 30’s and travel with my father who is in his 60’s. No kids. I have been to the MVMCP at Christmas and loved it. If for nothing else the lines were short for the rides! It was neat to see the park in a different way at Christmas…it snows on Main Street. I hope Halloween is just as magical!!


I’d love to go to MVMCP! I’ll probably wait until (IF?!) I have kids. Who knows though - the thought of spending Christmas in a hot climate sounds a little “Different” to me! I’m from Scotland and we’re used to snow / rain / just plain COLD at Christmas time!

On second thoughts - seeing MK all done up in Christmas decorations sounds absolutely superb!! Maybe next year!!! :happy:


This party is geared for everyone. Children of all ages will love it. Main Street has wonderful effects - pumkins in all the windows, carved and lit and crazy fun music!!
Unlike Universal, which will basiscally put right in the heart of being scared to death, this is spooky fun.
I think you will love it and do dress up. People of all ages, even without children, dress up! Just watching some of the costumes is worth the admission. If you have any questions, let me know!


EEK! (I’m going to that too) :wacko: :blink:

Thanks for the information. Sounds like proper Halloween USA style then! We don’t make that big a fuss about it over here. I mean, the kids get dressed up and go round “Guising” (What you know as T.OT’ing) but it’s nothing like the extent that you guys go to over there!

I’m really looking forward to it! Now all I have to do is find a costume!