Going to Ohana's for Dinner any suggestions?


We are going to Ohana’s for dinner for the first time ever!!! Just wanted to see what you all would recommend for the adults.


Get there early, check in for your reservation , have a tropical drink, after seated, relax and enjoy a good meal. Last night our dinner was good but the meat is a little dry and the steak a little grisley. It can become noisy due to loud lady ringleader parading kids around the place. Try to set by the back window. With a late sitting to see some fireworks, not as good as from the California grill though. OveralVl good experience.


Enjoy a Lapu Lapu!! Don’t fill up on the appetizers cuz there is a lot of food to come:)


save room for the dessert!!!


HEY!!! That’s exactly what I was going to say! :laugh:

So yeah…what PT said…:tongue: Lapu Lapus are awesome, and don’t overdo on the appetizers cuz you gotta save lots of room for the heavy stuff!! Yum.


Also note that it is family style and they just bring all the food to you. No ordering off the menu! It’s delicious! Enjoy!!


It doesn’t matter! 'Ohana has a set family service menu meaning that a server brings your food to the table.
'Ohana does not offer a menu with a selection of various entrees. It’s more like a buffet, without as varied a choice.
This is perhaps the biggest reason I don’t like 'Ohana.

Ohana Polynesian Dinner Menu

Compare the above menu with Boma, Crystal Palace or Chef Mickey’s

Boma - Dinner Buffet - Animal Kingdom Lodge
Crystal Palace Character Dinner - Main Street - Magic Kingdom
Chef Mickey’s Character Dinner - Contemporary


oooooooooo we jsut ADORE Ohana! It is a very family focused restaurant and everyone eats the same food so there is no Menu to have to decide from. That said however, if you have a child in your party that would never eat the foods that they bring to you (like my DD) then you can request chicken strips and fries for that child(ren) with no hassle. YOu will simply be charged the same that’s all.
Try and get a reservation for when the fireworks are on at the MK ( although lots of people try to do this so It can be hard to get a reservation for this time) and if youre lucky you may get a seat with a view of the castle and firewroks whilst youre dining!.
I thoroughly recommend getting there early though to soak up the Polynesian atmosphere and have a few Lapu Lapu’s at the bar first. Dreamy…my idea of heaven! :laugh:


The atmosphere is great! The food is excellent! Have Fun!!!


Thanks All!!!Great advice.


Go on an empty stomach…they stuff you!


Excellent advice.