Going to other resort pools?


So some of my (in-law) family is thinking of staying at a Value resort but me and my family is stating at Port Orleans. Can they come swim at Port Orleans when ever they want to, even though they stay some place else?

Anyone have any insite if there will be any “deals” for June 2010?
How far in advanced do they usually start?


Because they are your guests visiting you while you are a guest of POR, they can use POR’s pool, but only if you accompany them. Under any other circumstances, pool hopping is not allowed.
That’s technically. In practice, I’ve never seen a guest checked for ID at any pool. An exception might be Stormalong Bay at Yacht/Beach, but that’s more of a mini waterpark and is very popular. I guess the key here is to not look like you’re pool crashing and I’m sure it’s easier to do at the mods and values than it is at the deluxe hotels, if for no reason other than parking and having to enter through the main lobby.


Tinker you asked a pool hopping question!! DUCK!!! :laugh: Just kidding. Soundgod is correct though. As long as they are your guest they are fine.


Bay Lake Tower pool is also off limits unless you have a key card according to reports. There is SOME limited pool hoping for DVC members at other DVC resorts.


We’ve hung out at other pool areas enjoying things such as, the bar and using some of the chairs while partaking in such purchased refreshments yet never using the pool. Once we finish our tasty beverages we move on to the next resort to do the same. Does this seem to constitute pool hopping to some?


If there was a Top Ten list of things you should not do at WDW, POOL HOPPING would be number 1.


Oh what fun. I don’t think that constitutes pool hopping. It’s bar hopping


I agree that sounds like fun bar hopping to me too!! :laugh:


That’s almost like asking about resort mug reuse :eek:


Oh what fun. I don’t think that constitutes pool hopping. It’s bar hopping

Oh it is! and what better way to check out each resort and what they have to offer, allowing you to decide on future stays.
This is always a first day tradition, usually ending on the beach at the Poly to enjoy our last beverage of the day while watching the Electrical Parade.
All I can say is thank goodness for Dis trans offering to be the D.D for us:tongue:


No what you’re doing is spending money at the bar.
If you don’t use the pool, you’re not pool hopping.


as soon as i saw the title to this thread i was afraid to open it!!!

i would say as long as YOU are staying there, they can swim there with you. Kinda like in wishy’s TR, her guests joined her at the pool.

as for just jumping around resort to resort just for the better pool…:ph34r:…look out!!


All I can say is thank goodness for Dis trans offering to be the D.D for us:tongue:[/QUOTE]
marvelous, simply marvelous. And a great time was had by all, heehee


When I stayed a few weeks ago at Wilderness Lodge my two cousins came in from Tampa to spend the day with us at Magic Kingdom. My little cousin was so hot and wanted to swim so I invited them back to our hotel. I didn’t even think of the fact that it was pool hopping.
And I don’t think it was, just like your situation.

As much as I would like to try different resort pools, I can never bring myself to do it. Yet, if my family where staying at a different resort I would deffinitly try out there pool and not think twice.
As far as discounts for next June they should be available by Febuary or March of next year. I can’t wait myself for them to post the discounts, if they even have any.
Have a great time:)


I would check with the front desk before hand but I’m sure it’s fine.


I also agree, if they are your guests it would be fine. But that’s why mods and deluxes cost more, they have nicer facilities. If you want nice, then you pay for it.


I am sure it is fine because you are staying there. I know that you are ot allowed to do it, but sometimes before a dinner or lunch reservation we have had extra time before hand, and check out the pool or hotel. We have even dipped our feet into another pool :slight_smile:


So Your the One , just ruin it for all of us!!! :laugh::laugh::laugh:

      ...... did I See something about Bar Hopping ? :wub:



      ...... did I See something about Bar Hopping ? :wub:[/QUOTE]

why yes, yes you did. One of the most fun things to do when traveling without the munchkins :wink:


We always bring a babysitter while in Epcot BEER-WORLD hopping… Strangely it resembles a WDW Stroller.:ohmy: