Going to Pop? Say Hi to Kate!


If anyone is going to POP between now and August 13, look for my daughter Kate at the front desk. She is in the College Program and just got switched from merchandise to guest services. She is training this week but then will be at the front desk checking in guests.


WOW… why the switch? Hope she likes it!


Aww, Congratulations to Kate, that sounds like a fun position!


That does sound like a fun position, I hope Kate enjoys it.


We’re going April 16 - 24!! My family is from your region in PA!!!


Wish I could say I was going…

Hope Kate enjoys her new position!:happy:


I read about this on her blog - sounds like she’s excited for it!! Did she learn the Hustle yet? :laugh:


We are going in May we will look for her!


The merchandise position she was originally cast in could not accomodate her medical needs so they re-cast her in guest services, which I think suits her personality much better anyway. I’m hoping that we can have her check us in for our June trip and find a magical way to upgrade us to a deluxe! LOL, She said “I don’t think it works that way,mom”. Well, one can dream.

her blog is Kate’s Disney College Program Experience


That sounds like a lot of fun :slight_smile: plus its nice that she gets to experience more then one aspect of working for disney.


I hope she likes the whole thing… Sounds like fun! I would love to be the first person to greet someone at their vacation…

Hope you get upgraded-to a deluxe, MK view… that would be good…


Headed there in March. We hope she is the one that welcomes to our vacation!