Going to Walmart to buy ponchos


We’ve been really lucky on past trips. On all of our previous trips, we’ve only had bad rain once… and it was 80 degrees at night.

It looks like there’s a system moving into Orlando later in the week and there’s potential of rain for EVERY day of our trip.

I can deal with Thursday through Saturday, but Sunday night, we’re going to MVMCP!!! :eek:

Rain during the Christmas party would really stink. :frown:

I need pixie-dust!!!


Pixie Dust coming your way! HAVE A GREAT TRIP! :mickey:


Good luck Matt, let’s hope things stay dry for you.


MM, We’re willing to take the extra snow here, so that you can sound the all-clear siren down there. Go Eagles.


I know what you mean Matt. Our first experience with the MVMCP in 2002 was cold and rain. Two minutes after we entered the park, it started raining and never stopped. Every parade and outdoor event was cancelled. During the free photo, they asked me, “Don’t you want to take your rain poncho and coat off for the picture?” and I said “I want to remember this exactly the way it was…”. Of course, now it’s funny to look at the picture and laugh. However, this year the weather was perfect. The new Holiday Wishes fireworks were really great too. New fireworks that I’ve never seen before, but I won’t spoil it for you and tell you what they are. Good luck with the weather!


All I can say is the forcast for our trip was wwwaaaaayyyyyy off…that was a good thing…I hope the same for you…good luck and have fun Merlin!!!


That’s just it. DW, DKs and I have already seen it. It’s VERY cool. But DS’s Godfather and the DGPs haven’t seen them and it would be horrible if they got washed out.

Honestly, I looked at the local forecasts today and even though there’s a chance of rain each day, the overall chance of precipitation is 40% or less on each day… so… I guess it’s actually MORE likely that we’ll have fairly dry weather.

All I hope for is dry on Saturday and Sunday nights for Epcot Holiday IllumiNations and MVMCP fireworks.

Thanks for all the pixie-dust everyone.


I am right there with you Matt!! We are coming right behind you on Saturday and we hoping for dry weather too!! I am definitely bringing the ponchos!

Have a great trip Matt!!


~’*~Sprinkling pixie dust for dry weather MerlinMatt!!!~’*~


Pixie Dust Aplenty coming your way!


Sending Pixie Dust your way, Matt


Matt we will be there the week after you and I sure do hope the weather is good for all of us. We will be going to MVMCP on Sunday the week after you are there. We have never been and sure do hope it doesn’t rain.


I have never seen the MVMCP fireworks but I have to say that the Holiday IllumiNations show is the most spectacular fireworks display I have ever seen. The special ending they tack on for the holidays literally took my breath away with the sheer volume of the explosions. ENJOY!!


We’ll be there in 2 days, MVMCP on Thursday. I’d like to hear more from those of you who attended MVMCP already this year. How were the crowds? Any cocoa/cookie issues like I’ve read in other reviews/


I can’t comment about this year, but the cocoa and cookies are such a small part of the evening. It’s all about the shows and the snow on Main St and the general feeling of Christmas. Taking pictures at Donald’s tree lot is a hoot.

The parade is spectacular and the fireworks are breathtaking.

I’m sure you’ll have a great time.


We went on Thursday Dec 1st. Crowds were not too bad at all. We walked onto most rides.

The cookies this year were actually good! They were big ole snickerdoodles! They were real and they were spectacular.



We’ll be there on Sunday too and I’m worried about the rain, also. We’ve looked forward to this for so long and would very much like that evening to be wonderful. I guess we’ll have to just take what we can get and enjoy the fact that we’re there. Good luck keeping a positive spirit!


Orlando weather ALWAYS has a chance of rain so hopefully you’ll be fine. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you Matt. Have a great trip!


It will be fine Matt! You just go and have fun!
Can’t wait to hear all about it. :mickey:


That’s why you need to go to Disneyland next time!! It doesn’t rain as much as Florida. :wink: It’s just about 70 here right now, sunny, and PURRFECT