Going to WDW Today, how's the weather?


Trying to pack for warm or not so warm weather is tough. . .pants and a sweatshirt warm enough?


Well, we are 4 hours north of Orlando and it will be in the high 40’s. I am supposing 50’s today in Orlando. It does look warmer later this week though. Have fun


I bet it’s way better than here in NJ! Have a great trip!


I am 2.5 hours south of orlando and it is 43 right now. It is only supposed to get to about 60 ish today. Tomorrow is much colder here and Orlando is always colder than us. Hope that helps!! Also, I notice whenever it is cold in Disney it is very windy- hot in Disney= no breeze in sight!! :laugh:

Have fun!!


The weather is suppose to be chilly there for the next two days…it’s suppose to get nice this weekend with Sunday being almost 75degrees. I would think sweat pants and a Tshirt with a sweatshirt for the AMs will be fine…that’s what I packed.


Like everyone said . . . bring layers. You will need a light jacket in the am and pm hours. During the day the sun is warm.

If your hands and feet get cold easy, bring light gloves and socks. I noticed I was fine walking around, but when we stopped for a parade or show, I needed the gloves.


it will be warmer then Mass. or Maine will be that’s for sure. Have fun


Have a great trip!!!


I went in Feb. last year and when I left Rhode Island it was 50 degrees and 35 when we landed in Orlando. I ended up buying gloves and hats that night! Now we always pack for cold nights and warm days!

Have a great trip!