Going to WDW


Hey guys, How do you get those things where it says:

Going to WDW!
47 days 3 hours 33 minutes 7 seconds :huh:


Go to Disney Central Questions and click on the first sticky. It will walk you through the directions to get the countdown.

Good luck!


Hello and welcome to DC!


thanx. :happy: :happy:


Where is Disneycentral Questions?


Here’s a direct link!

Welcome to DC!!!


Welcome to DC, you found the best Disney site on the web.


Hi and welcome to DC!!

So when is your trip planned for?


January 13- January 23 2007


How to is here:

Then you go to “User CP” button is on the gray bar at the top of the page. Then click on “edit signature” and enter your info in the box. Then click on “Save Signature” at the bottom of the box. :smile:


Ah…so you have plenty of time to plan… EXCELLENT… :cool:


Welcome to DC!


Welcome to DC!!! :c) You’re gonna love it here!

Where do you want to stay?


Hey, TG. I noticed you were able to get your countdown going in the thread about the countdown instructions. Wonder why it’s not showing up in your other posts??