Going to Williamsburg


OK - It’s not going to be like Disney. I know that. But we are going to Williamsburg foir the first time in a few weeks. We are planning 1 day at Busch Gardens, other than that we are winging it. Does anyone want to chime in who has been there?


Have never been, but my parents have. My mom swares you can easily spend two days at bush gardens…lots to do. They loved it.


Christina Chowning’s Tavern is WONDERFUL!!



Never been to Busch Gardens… just Williamsburg. The cute historical part. I’m a history nerd so I loved it. :happy: Have a great trip!


Aaaww…very cool! I have always wanted to go…History nerd just like PrincessJill I guess :tongue: Have fun!


Been there about 20 years ago. I enjoyed it, but like Montecello much better. May want to check that out.


We were there about 5 years ago.
I enjoyed Williamsburg must better than Jamestown.
Make sure you go into all the shops.


My parents have been to Williamsburg and LOVED it. They LOVED Busch Gardens!!!


Awe, I want to go so bad. I’ve never been but it looks really cool!


OMG - That was one of our favorite vacations EVER!!! We went 2 years ago when the DNC was in town and we hightailed it out of town. We stayed at a Ramada Inn and Suites that I had booked almost a year in advance. Got an Entertainment card rate of $78 per night and we had a 2 room suite (it spoiled us so badly). I HIGHLY recommend getting the flex tickets through the hotel/motel association. I was less than a 1-day admission to each and we were able to get a weeks worth of unlimited admission to Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, Bush Gardens and Water COuntry USA (which my kids have both decided is the best water park they have every been to, and they have been to many, including TL and BB at WDW). I could go on and on!


:crying: I Wanna Go I Wanna Go!!! :crying:

We’re history nerds here too, and I just recently discovered that my father’s family came to that area in the 1600’s and I’VE NEVER BEEN THERE!!!

Please give us a TR when you get back and have a marvelous time! :smile:


I live close, but havent gone to williamsburg yet. Its only like 2 hours away. Someday soon…

I Love BG. Its a great place to go visit for thrills and animals.


Busch Gardens, maybe a day and a half. Williamsburg, about a day, maybe more depending on how much you want to walk. You can pretty much see/do everything in about a 4 day trip.


Skwak - we’ve had a timeshare in Williamsburg for 15+ years, so I know the place almost inside out! If you like American history you’ll love the Colonial Williamsburg city. Some things that are my favorites and might spark your interest, the first two especially:

The Governor’s Palace (try the garden maze!)
The Capitol
The Raleigh Tavern (don’t bypass the bakery!!)
The Randolph House
Bruton Parish Church
The cabinetmaker
The Magazine
the blacksmith
King’s Arms Tavern (my personal favorite for their peanut soup! Oooh man…)

Unfortunately, CW isn’t cheap as it used to be. The tickets are nigh as pricey as Disney tix, depending on how much you want to see. I HIGHLY recommend finding their weekly events ‘newspaper’ once you’re there and finding a good couple programs to see. Their interpreters are amazing. Any of the slave-related programs are excellent in my opinion, (look for “Momma Said, Poppa Said” if its still around). If you’re going with kids there’s alot of programs for them as well. And if you’re lucky, lots of spring lambs penned up!

And don’t forget about the Hospital/DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts museum. The lower half of the building is still the “hospital” where they cared for mental patients back in the day. It’s interesting but might be disturbing especially for kids. The upper levels are the museum, and there’s usually nice exhibits there too.

Haha. I could totally do those Disney-tv ads at the resorts, where a bubbly individual takes your around the parks. I hope you have a great trip!!!


Bush Gardens is a great park, I love the food there. Any thoughts about coming to Wash, DC?


My family loves Willamsburg. We’ve been going to the BG park there since I was a child. We love the park because it has great thrill rides, but it is also beautiful to walk the grounds there. The tourist area is also alot of fun–great restaurants and shopping. We have done the Colonial area, but since we are not history buffs, it’s never held that much interest for us. When we go down, we usually go down for a long weekend, and there’s plenty to do.


I haven’t been to Busch Gardens since I was little, but from what I remember it was a great time.

I did my undergraduate thesis on the presentation of history at Colonial Williamsburg - Screever is right, you should get the daily paper thingie and pick a few programs you want to do. Much like WDW, I think a lot of people there kind of wander aimlessly and just stumble into things, but your visit is a lot nicer if you plan a little ahead and decide what you want to see.

The shops are great too!


I was there many many years ago … with friends who said If I say one more time “this is not as _____ as Disney World” they were going to gag me and lock me in the trunk.
I did enjoy Historical Williamsburg though.


We’ve never been able to go, but have a blast for us!


Ohhh you need to try Rosie Rump’s Regal Dumpe if it is still there …lots of fun!!! I still have a t-shirt I bought that says I am a wench :slight_smile: