Golf head covers


i am desperatley looking for disney golfhead covers for my clubs. does anyone have any ideas on where i can get them?


I saw them at the Disney store around the holidays


I’ve seen them in the Disney catalog in the past.


I did a search and came up with some one e-bay. I’m surprised, finding Disney covers is even more difficult than finding Razorback ones!


i’ll be in WDW soon, i am hoping to be able to get them there…

Keep your fingers crossed !!!


If you’re going to WDW, take a monorail ride to the Polynesian, Contemporary, and Grand Floridian! Check out all their gift shops, you may be surprised! I saw Mickey, Donald, and Goofey ones in the Poly last year! :wink:


Try the Pro Shops at the Disney Courses, they would be the most logical place to carry them.


i was thinking about that too. thanks


Nope, that would be too easy. :tongue: Of course! Why didn’t everyone think of that? :huh:


i think one of the golf courses is near SSR. when i go in decemger, i will try there.


there used to be a neat golf store in DDD but last time we were there in june 05 it was not there. i looked because in a previous trip i bought my DH a mickey putter he wanted other clubs and the shop was only sports gear like to football and stuff.


Here is a link to the florist golfers gift basket-it has a cover, a towel and some balls…

I just happen to have seen that today.

What about trying a shop the parks service? Or calling the mail away order line at WDW. They are bound to come up with something.