Has anyone played “real” golf at one of the WDW courses, can you give me any info on them price, cart rental ect.


I have played at the Lake Buena Vista and Osprey Ridge courses several times, and they are beautiful! Unfortunately, I cannot offer you any insight to prices. You might try calling WDW, or try



My husband has played them all. He is a really good golfer and prefers Osprey, then Eagle, then the others… Wonder if that helps you at all? Here is a link that will give you all the info…


I have played the Palm and The Magnolia. It was in september of 2000 but the rates were very good then as it was off season.


I have played all 6 courses, even Oak Trail. Eagle Pines and Osprey Ridge are great, Palm and Magnolia are kind of long and dull. Lake Buena Vista is short but very tight and difficult. The prices are great right now after 10:00 a.m. It’s like half price then and twilight is 3 p.m. for only $30-$40 depending on the course you play.


Hi, I have been playing golf at WDW for the last 8 years. If youcan only play one course play THE PALM it is awesome. All the courses are nice tracks-the MAGNOLIA is a nice test, but I found OSPREY RIDGE to be the toughest. I,m a 10 handicap which is ok, but they have it set up so you can play from the tips or up front if you think that’s best. Prices depend on time of day, if you are staying on property, ect. There is even acool little executive course you can play with wife or kids. Hit em well and don’t miss the PALM. :cool:


Im hoprrble at golf, but always wanted to play at Disney!!! I might do it for the heck of it. Gotta go buy clubs though…lol


Gotta go buy clubs though.

You can rent clubs at the courses, very good clubs, actually.



Hmm really? Cool. I might buy them…depends…I think I want to play golf more often…do they kick you out if you are horrible? lol


I also have played all the courses. The Palm is my favorite and find it to be tough yet enjoyable. Osprey Ridge is very long and can be difficult for the average golfer. The Magnolia gets the most play and the greens show it. I currently play to a 3 HDCP… Eagle is nice but still would rather play the Palm if I got to choose the course to play.

Good luck and have fun at which ever course you play!