Golfing at Disney


My DS is a golfer and is looking forward to golfing when we visit in February. We are looking at the Water Parks and More piece adding to our passes. This gives him a chance to golf each day. Its the oak trail golf course. Has anyone golfed there? Is it hard to get a tee time?


I just set this up for someone. It’s very simple to do. Call the Disney main number and select “other” and then Speak “golf”. They send you directly to the golf reservations desk. The Cast Members are super helpful. Definitely make the reservation after you make dining reservation - they can transfer you. You have to leave a CC# as a guarantee and they send you an email confirmation. Concierge gives you a taxi voucher to get you to and from. They make it easy.


but I think the tee times can fill up… call them and see…


Are Palm and Magnolia included in the “More”?


Magnolia all the way!! My husband and daughter went there it was beautiful!


So, next question. . . did you ship your clubs via fed ex or rent them?


My dh’s has golfed there several times. I think he liked it…when he starts talking golf, I go to other places, far, far away…


DH and DD have golfed at Magnolia, Lake Buena Vista and Osprey Ridge and never had any trouble making reservations. You can make reservations online, very simple. They usually rent clubs since we fly down and have quite a lot of luggage. I believe they were given Titlest and King Cobra clubs.


DH played Golf there lots this past Vacation and he ADORES LBV as a course. He said Oak trail is the walkable course but has a feeling it’s only a 9 hole( but he is not positive about that…) He said Magnolia is another really great course and he never had any issues in obtaining a tee time on any of his ‘golf days’. That said, we did go in August which they said was kinda your quiet time in Disney. Reduced rates after 10am occured then too. Hope that was some help? x


OK, please note that the Water Parks and More option is ONLY for Oak Trail.

So I have to ask about what sort of golfer is your DS? If he’s really into it and wants to play every day, this will not do the trick, because Oak Trail is a 9-hole walking course. Most golfers prefer the 18-hole option, so you might want to check on this with him.

All the other courses at WDW are 18-hole and usually can be booked easily. If he is REALLY interested in playing a lot of golf, I HIGHLY recommend seeing if they still offer a golf annual membership, which offers you a discounted rate at any of the courses. I am not sure if this program has been discontinued (I heard rumors that it might end), but it sure pays off when you travel with a golfer!