I know NOTHING about golf and my BIL and father want to play during our early October trip. They know NOTHING about WDW (and while I pride myself as an expert, all I know is that there are golf courses there)…so, I need advice on where they should play. Neither are great golfers, but can hold their own and would enjoy the “pretty” of Disney golf.

The other thing…regarding the “after 3:00 discount” - since I’m the scheduler, how long will it take them to play 18 holes? I assume this is pretty standard at any golf course, so I guess I can ask them. We have a later ADR one night, so I think that should be the day they play. I’m assuming they could make it to dinner by 8:30.


I know nothing about golf either (nobody but one uncle plays on either side of our family), but DS7 is obsessed with golf (why we have no idea). Anyway, I remember showing him the WDW plannign tape when he was 4, and he wanted to play golf! I would try calling the concierge at the resort you booked. They could probably arrange it, or at least tell you how to do it.


Thanks E&B!

I actually know how to do it (you can make a tee time online!) but I was kinda looking for advise as to which of the courses I should book them to play at…but the concierge could probably offer assistance with that too. I’ll give it a try!


Here is the scoop on golf… I am married to a golfer, so bear with me!

The Palm Golf Course and Magnolia Golf Course are at Shades of Green. They are lovely courses, the older of the WDW courses, I would think. They play tournaments at these courses. Next to these courses is is Oak Trail, which is a walking 9-hole course that is great for kids as well as adults.

At the Bonnet Creek area, you can play Osprey Ridge or Eagle Pines. My husband is an excellent golfer, and he likes these two best. He claims Eagle Pines is a little tougher. Osprey is tighter, however. This is a great clubhouse, very Disney-ish!

At the Lake Buena Vista course, there is construction of condos going on all around. However, it is a beautiful course and it hosts lots of tournaments. It has a nice bar and restaurant in the club house, which is part of Saratoga Springs.

It takes roughly 5 hours to play a Disney course. It can be longer.


I am so glad this question was asked. MY DBf, his DS and his DN may give this a try while me and the girls spend the day at the magic kingdom. We are staying at OKW and they want to try the course near there. Does anyone know how to book that or what the name of the course is? Thanks!


Dana, that course is the Lake Buena Vista course, I think… And I think it is also the one with the famous Mickey-shaped sand trap!


Miss Disney,

Is there an age limit for kids who would like to play golf? My DH and DS would like to play during our December 2006 trip. My DS has never played and I thought a 9-hole course would be the best for him. He is 11. Also, can you rent clubs?


The 9 hole course would be the best for him. It shorter and can be done in about 2 hrs, You can rent clubs there with no problems. The last time I rented at WDW they were Ping clubs.


Dana - I know the answer to your other question – You can book tee times online at!!

Thanks for your help, MissDisney. five hours?? wow…I know NOTHING about golf. Guess they’ll have to tee-off a little earlier than I originally thought. But that’s okay, at least I have an idea of what to expect!


I’ve played the Palm 3 or 4 times and last year I played Osprey Ridge. All the courses are great. I always go for the after 3pm discount. They shouldn’t have a problem finishing if it’s still Daylight Time and they get a tee time pretty close to three. I’ve played in the summer only and the courses are not crowded–you can play in less than four hours. As for the Fall you might allow a little longer. They should be able to make 8:30 if they don’t poke.


The Magnolia has the MM sand trap–it’s by Shades of Green and is the sister course to the Palm.


BTW, the Disney PGA golf tournament is played on the Palm, Magnolia, and Buena Vista and is in October. Make sure it’s not when you go if you want to play.


Beautiful courses but expensive!


My DS played the walking course when he was 11. And he played Eagle Pines at 14. You can rent clubs, thought I don’t know how much it costs. If he has never pplayed, he should play the walking course.


Ah! I see… thanks!


Lucky gingles!!! :biggrin:

My DH and DS have never played the twilight rounds… maybe after 3 you can make the round faster. But if you tee off at prime time (morning to early afternoon), even in the summer, set aside 5 hours! Unless you are in the first few foursomes…


I think I was lucky. Evidently twilight rounds in summer are just not crowded. Last summer, I played Osprey and on the back nine I was all by myself–like I had my own personal course.

In the Fall when afternoons get a little cooler, I would suspect that the twilight numbers increase.



You too Alyson!


I know nothing about golf but our daughter wants me to check into this for our october trip as she would like to surprise her husband for their anniversary with golf. I would think that the 9 holes would be plenty as he really wants her to play golf with him sometime and I dont see her playing more than 9 holes. Any idea how much it costs for the golf, renting clubs and do they rent shoes?


palmickey -

Check out this link

There is also a spot on the left side to see more about “lessons & rentals” – hopefully that has the information you’re looking for!