Gonna be a BIG year!


So far here are the plans to use my points!

We are first going May 11- 16…he he he he and staying at SSR (Im calling to reserve today)

Then we are going in Sept during Free dining for Ed’s business trip thing. We just need to find out the final dates so we can plan it. This one is just Ed and I.

Then when we can book it we will be going from Feb 1-5th at hopefully Wilderness lodge and then get on my beloved boat for the rest of the week.

My sisters are coming with us for both May and Feb so they can watch the kids for us for a night and they are also watching my kids when we go in Sept!!!

I dont know what kind of Ressies we will do during that May week though- we are planning on laying low and seeing how cheap we can keep a trip- its a dry run.

These are some pretty exciting plans however!


That sounds great! That’s exciting that today will be your first call to member services! Make sure to have your membership # ready 'cause they always ask right away.

Did you get your member package in the mail yet? That’s very exciting! It’s these big gorgeous books & you usually always get some sort of DVC goodies to welcome you. That’s when they sent me the really nice big “DVC Member” tote bag! I use it on every trip now :smile:


I cant wait to get the goodie bag! I was always jealous of everyone using one. I carry my big blue and white canvas bag I got last year on our trip with pride because we may not be the ones driving an Odyssey or a Lexus and we dont have a garage or paved drive and the big monster house but my kids have quality family time and memories and I can prove it…LOL


wow - that sounds like a great year!! you deserve this happiness!!!:wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:


Thank-you! I feel like I deserve it… I try to be a good mom and a good person and this is my “happy place”. Now to save my pennies for our park passes…:wub:


Mrs. Dorkman, I am totally excited for you. Go make that call :biggrin:


Wow, I am a bit jealous. Congrats though. Are you going 2008 Feb? I will be only doing times this year and 1 time next year. I go in March and Nov. I don’t know if I can stand it. YOu are soo lucky to have someone help you with the kids. I would love to do a trip where me and hubby got to do something alone, but that’s so not going to happen for us for awhile. Have fun!


I am very lucky- I have two sisters with no families of their own but they are both 30 and 25 so I trust them. I also have the two older kids that help me so much that I am rest assured that they will help my sisters with the younger two as well.


what is funny is that I feel like the planning pressure is off of me. I dont need to have everything perfect just in case we dont get to go again in like two to three years. It makes it so much more “guaranteed” I wonder if it will make a difference in how stressed I am when there. We are planning on using our kitchen a LOT so that we dont have to eat out all the time. I am looking into the cost effectiveness of ap for the family since we will be there 3 times in a year. It has opened a whole new door to the possibilities!


WOW Woman… I am so happy for you… Give the September dates… I NEED TO KNOW… you can always email me…


Congratulations Woohoo on many years of Disney Memories to come!


yeah- Im not sure how that happened - I only hit it once. It spliced somehow! LOL


Congrats on the purchase. It’s a huge accomplishment and something you’ve been longing for. Let the dreams begin!!!


That is just amazing Woohoo. Very exciting!!


that is so exciting!

That means I’ll have more pictures to look at, right???


lots and lots of them!:wub:


Awe!! I am so glad you joined DVC but I am MORE glad you get to go on another alone trip with Ed! With four kids you two need a get away once a year!


yeah- but unfortunately that wont be on DVC points…:angry: we will be in the values again. But hey - its ok because his company is paying for it!:laugh:


Congrats to you, really. This is very exciting, and you will build so many more memories at WDW now. Yay for you!


What a lovely year for you- it sounds wonderful