Gonna buy DVC soon!


We are going to be purchasing DVC in Feb. (we have some money in a trust that is not accessible until then). Should we be in contact with DVC people now in order to get things rolling, or should we wait until we actually have money? We will not be financing, just paying the total cost up front. I want to book a September trip using my “new” DVC points, but I’m afraid that if I wait until Feb. when I have the cash, I will be waitlisted or something because it is pretty close.
Also, I will be getting the APs with the DVC discount, so I have to wait until I am officially a member, right?
Thanks for any info you have! :mickey:


I’d go ahead and get in touch with a DVC rep now. Explain your situation, and see if there’s anything you can do while you’re waiting to get the cash in your hot little hands. If our recent experience of meeting with a DVC rep while in Anaheim is any indication, they’ll be happy to do whatever they can to help you get the ball rolling and make your upcoming trip the best it can be.

It can’t hurt, and you might end up being pleasantly surprised.


I would contact DVC now, review, and arrange a financing, if there is no prepayment penalty… That way you have the membership to obtain the September trip dates…


Thanks for the replies so far-does anyone know anything about the possibility of bonus points and/or any other types of incentives they offer? I figure that they probably don’t offer as much if you “seek them out” as opposed to responding to an offer from DVC-any thoughts?


If you have a Disney Visa Card, charge the entire amount in January, then pay it off in full when you get your bill in February. That way, you can start your reservations, get Disney points, and don’t pay any interest cause you paid it off when you received the bill.


Congratulations! And Welcome Home!:happy:

Definitely contact the DVC representative as soon as possible. Disney reps can answer all your questions. And they’re very easy to deal with. No pressure tactics at all. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can get the entire transaction finished. We went to “casually” look at BWV and three hours later we were owners.:laugh: There may be an incentive to buy - there usually is something. It’s not too soon at all to be planning. Good luck! Buying into DVC is something we’ve never regretted.


Off the street you’ll get $8 off points at AKL or $10 off SSR.

Use a member as a referral and you’ll also get “bonus” developer points for a one time use. But you need to get the ball rolling soon. My DVC guide told me that the pool of developer points is getting used up pretty quickly.

You can lock in a package with just a 10% deposit, and the entire deal can be handled over the phone and fedex.

Feel free to use me as a referral.

Richard Carmichael, Chesapeake VA.


Congratulations and welcome to the world of timesharing! I have reviewed Disney’s program and its got great flexibility! Can’t buy though, we already own a timeshare, and my hubby would have a mental fit if I asked to buy another…However, I have never regreted having one, since I love to travel and make it a priority in my life. If you love to travel (to more than just Orlando) then you will not regret your purchase! Enjoy!


Thanks for all the info so far. I spoke with a DVC rep, and I will be able to get developer points-woohoo! We will be going to WDW is the fall, and Disneyland in the summer. Does anyone know the 2008 point costs for Disneyland? The info I have is only for 2007, and I don’t know if the dates and/or points are correct. Where might I find that info? Thanks again everyone!


Anyone wanting to get in on DVC membership can use me as a referral also.
Shirley Wilson
Manchester, TN
My rep. is Julie Vivo. She is very nice. We have never regretted buying into to DVC either.


I have a DVC points program that is in a ZIP file that I can send you. Got it off DIZboards.

Email me at RLC@RLCarmichael.com and I’ll send it to you as an attachment if you’d like it. It’s really good as it has all the DVC resorts and units and even color coded for seasons.