GOOD LUCK & so proud of the MB CMO candidates


I just wanted to say that I am SO proud of WooHoo, Dznygrl, & myself for being brave enough to make that Disney Dream CMO video for the whole world to see. Whether any of us make it to the top 20 or not, it ultimately doesn’t matter because I personally think that all three of us showed the Disney spirit by following our dreams & trying out for the job!! There were some GREAT videos but I think, personally, our three were THE BEST! :tongue: :heart:

WooHoo, Dznygrl, & Wishy’s CMO videos:

YAY! GO US!!! :happy:

Watch Candidate Submission Videos - Disney CMO presented by - Live the Magic in 2008 - Disney CMO

Watch Candidate Submission Videos - Disney CMO presented by - Live the Magic in 2008 - Disney CMO

Wishy (Me):
Watch Candidate Submission Videos - Disney CMO presented by - Live the Magic in 2008 - Disney CMO


C’mon my sistahs! One of you just HAS to win!!!


Best of luck to all of you!:flowers:


Good luck to all three of you. Your video’s were great :flowers:


Im so thrilled that we entered and that was really cute of you Wishy to put them all on one thread- was there a final tally as to how many they have up there? When my friend put hers in the other day there were 250. Any clue in the final number?

There are so many that are really great that I wonder what the final ones will be- I suppose it really is based on what they are ultimately looking for right? Who knows- Im proud of us for trying at least!


Your videos were wonderful, good luck to all three of you!!


best of luck to all of you!!! If one of you girls get in the top picks, I am voting for


Those were all terrific. It’s so fun to put voices with the faces of some of my very favorite MB members. Good luck to all.


Those are all so great. Good luck and lots of Pixie Dust to all of you!!!


Best of luck!! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:


Good luck to all 3 of you - your videos looked great! I’m rooting for you gals!


I’m sorry if I am living in a box, what does this job entail. Would you have to move? How so I not know what this is?

I would love it if one of you got it. Good luck girls!


OK, I just read a bit about it on the site from the link. Let us know when it is time to vote.


those are awesome ladies!! good luck!!


Good for all of you!

Terrific videos and terrific Disney spirit!

Best of luck to all of you!


wow-only 250??? There is a really goo chance that one of you could be it. Just imagine having to go to all of the Disney parks-and getting paid for it. Good luck to all of you!


You go girls!! They were all good! Good luck and lots of pixie dust!! :happy:
Let me know when it’s time to vote!! :mickey:


You all had a great video. What a fun place this will be if one of you win. Oh, the celebration of all celebrations!! Good luck ladies.:flowers: :flowers:


Yay for our MB girls. Best of luck to all of you. You all did an awsome job. Hey,if one of you win just don’t forget about us over here on MB. Let us know when or if we can vote. Awsome job wishy for posting all of them on one thread,thanks!!


I dont know if the final tally was 250- but it was the other day. I think that because so many had a lot of time to look and watch the competion before entry (I wasnt quick enough to realize we could view everyone elses videos before doing mine) There are many more that are considerably better than mine but hey- Im going in May, I finally got my dvc membership and all is good in my disney world if I dont get picked!
There are some REALLY good ones out there…