Good luck,Princess Tessa!


We are all pulling for you as you go to WDW for the International program. Knock 'em dead!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:


good luck I hope you get some sleep before you get here.


Good luck, and I can’t wait to hear all about your experiences!!


Goooooood Luck Tessa!


Break a leg, Tessa!!!

I can’t wait to meet you in May!! You’re going to have the greatest time!! :laugh:


:happy: :happy: :happy:

This will be such an awesome experience for you!! I’m know you know that already, but I’m so excited for you, I’m just blurting things out! I can’t wait to meet you… you are always so sweet on DC! And you seem to have the PERFECT Disney personality. You’ll have such a great time!! Congrats, Tessa!!!


TESSA… can’t wait to hear about your experience. Don’t forget I am there in September, I plan on tracking you down in Epcot…


:heart: Best of luck sweetheart!!! :heart:


Hope to see you soon!


Good luck Tessa and have heaps and heaps of fun!!!


Thanks Mickyaholic! and thanks for all the well wishes everyone!

T minus 3 days and counting!!! (or however that phrase goes lol)


Wow! Three days! You have got to be bouncing off the walls! I can’t wait to read your posts while you are there. If I can’t be there, I will live vicariously through you!


You got it :wink: All the best to you and hopefully I’ll get a chance to meet you in May.


Wow…3 days!! You have to be so excited!!


I know your gonna have a great time, i cant wait to hear all about it, a whole year of your reports, im excited, take care have a good trip there :slight_smile:


Best of luck and good times to you Princess Tessa! :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:

Don’t forget about us here at DC! :pirate:


Good Luck and have fun Tessa!


Awe I am just so happy for you!! It’s going to be so wonderful! I’m also glad that you’ll still be posting everyday!


Best of luck to you, WDW is very lucky to have such a sweet :heart: working for them! I hope I can meet you in May! You are going to the meet and greet at MGM, right?


yeah I’ll for sure ty to be at the meet and greet! My sister might be with me at that time so she’ll be there with her almost 3 y/o too :smile: