Good Morning America at American Idol Experience -- NOW


Tune in to ABC this morning, and you can see Good Morning America meteorologist Sam Champion along with David Archuletta at the new attraction – they are even pointing out Hidden Mickeys and so forth!

On the East Coast, the coverage is happening right now!


Thanks! I have it on now.


Stinker,the sound messed up.


I missed it - how was the segment?


Awe man! I missed it. This is what I get for sleeping in. Maybe I can find it on YouTube. If I do, I’ll post the link.


I found this so far on

ABC News


I’m here at Studios right now. ALL the winners and a lot of other Idol personnel are here and are about to do a celebrity motorcade at 4:30pm, so I’ll be filming that! Yay!


Seven winners! I can’t believe they were all there! How cool is that?


Turns out it was a 29-car celeb motorcade. The winners, some of the runner ups, people who became popular with the crowd but got voted off early, Ryan Seacrest, Paula Abdul, but no Randy.


Oh, I would have loved to have been there. How cool!


Man, we skipped the Studios yesterday because I thought this would bring the crowds. Now I’m sorry I didn’t go.