Good morning!


OK, will it be morrocco or germany for dinner? Which is better?


Personally I would go with Morocco like the food much better


I am going to have to vote for the Biergarten.


I wanted to love the food in Maracco but after trying it twice I just don’t. I would have to go with Germany.


I think I’d prefer Morrocco, but I’ve never been to either one!


I totally agree, though I only tried it once!




Are we talking counter service or table service?

Either way, I have to go with counter service in Morocco. YUMMY food… and I don’t have to sit next to someone I don’t know and socialize. I’m cranky that way. :biggrin:


biergarten, and i’m not being prejudiced because i’m german…ok, maybe just a little bit :laugh:


I also have to to with The Biergarten! (But, like Floridaorange, I’m also of german heritage, so maybe it’s genetic in me :laugh: )


cant help you, i havent been to either one:mellow:


Germany for sure!! I just can’t get into Moroccan (sp?) food. I just don’t get it, cinnamon on chicken:blow: