Good neighbor hotel


which good neighbor hotel would you recommend for someone planning a trip to DL? i’m trying to get some basic information about DL from here so i know i’ll get lots of great tips. thanks for the help.


I use Priceline each time I go to Disneyland. :ph34r:

Always stayed at a three star or greater in the neighborhood. :cool:

Never paid more than $50.00 a night. :wub:

I’ve listed all the hotels I’ve stayed at below, so if you have any questions, pm me. :pirate:


The only thing I would add to the above is noting that they’re not all walking distance hotels.

One thing I like about DL is that I can pick almost any of the Good Neighbor Hotels and I can walk to the park. I’ve never had a bad experience, but nothing so spectacular as to make recommendations. DL for me has never been about where I’m staying since I spend all my time at the parks.


I would recommend the HOJOs (Howard Johnson’s), it is about a 7 minute walk to the plaza. I like their rooms. Check out their website for more info: Disneyland - Howard Johnson Anaheim - Disneyland Vacation - Disneyland Hotel - Anaheim Hotels, also go to their ‘Boards’ section too. Great info posted.

And if you have any additional questions, call their local reservations line and talk to Lorealle, 714-618-6025


My family and I stayed at the Candy Cane Inn. Right outside Disneyland.Nice clean rooms with comfortable beds. It was walking distance to the park. Nice walk.


We stayed at the Red Roof Inn and were very pleased. It’s nothing spectacular, but everything we needed. I don’t really remember how far the walk was, but it wasn’t too far and it was a very pleasant walk, even after spending the day at the parks.


I have a question…if you stay at a Good Neighbor Hotel can you walk to both parks?? I have no idea how Disneyland is laid out so sorry if that’s a dumb question.


Most off-site motels are within walking distance. The closest ones are on S. Harbor across the street from the crosswalk to the main entrance plaza.


Hi Bella

You can walk from the majority of the Good Neighbor hotels (but not all). You just need to be selective with your choices.
Quite a few of them are only about a 5 -7 minute walk to both parks.

Are you planning a trip to DLR?


Even if your particular hotel is not within walking distance, (most are), Anaheim has an inexpensive shuttle service that will deliver you from your hotel to the plaza between the two parks.


Thanks everyone! No trip planned yet…but hopefully Summer of '09. Although I’ve been saying that for years now…but I just like to get my facts!