Good news x 2


for dh and me. First, we got a phone call from our travel agent telling us that because of the fall discount Disney is offering, we’ll be saving about $250. That was a very nice surprise and second and so exciting, we can finally do the double digit dance. :goofybounce: :cheshire: What a fun day this has been.


:cheshire: Great news!


Great news! Congrats!


Yahoo for you!! It is a :heart: Happy Day! :heart:


wow!!! $250… that is alot of mickey head bars or pretty things to bring home.


Yippee! That is great news. Gotta love saving money.
Plus, I double digit dancing with you.


I’m so glad you received a savings…

I hope others read this… a lot are complaining about Disney costs going up.

You are a great example that not EVERYTHING at Disney is going up.


well said daisee…those discounts have to be fought for at times, but they are there . You just have to be flexible and patient.


that is awesome news - congrats!!


That is great news. Congrats.


woohoo congrats …


Congrats!!! That is definitely a wonderful surprise!!!:biggrin: You’ll have to have a special dinner (or two) while you are there with you ‘discount’!!!

Prezcatz Paul


That is 250 twards your next trip.:mickey:


That is great news… extra $$ to spend in WDW.
Have a great time…

Dancing with ya.


That’s just what my dh and I were thinking, but then again I like Prezcatz’s idea too. I :heart: these kind of decisions. Happy to see so many of you dancing with me. My dh has 3 left feet, so am glad to have some one to dance with.:happy: