Good night time pic of "green" castle


came across this pic while cleaning out some files and, thought i’d share it w/ you. hopefully it’ll get some of you single digit dancers and potty dancers wiggling, lol :wacko:


Wow, very pretty! Thanks for the pic!

I love how the clock stands out in the middle without the mirror there.


Very nice. I’ve got a good purple shot at Christmas.


Those are great. What kind of cameras are y’all using? I still cannot get great nighttime shots with my Kodak digital…


Those are great pics! :heart:


Ooh I’m not even a single digiter (or an ANY digiter :laugh:) and that gets ME wiggling! :happy:


Awesome!! Y’all are so rockin’ the castle colors!


those are great pictures. i have some like that. i need to find them and post for all to see.


Great pics! Thanks for sharing!


Yes, I would love to see them! :happy: :heart: Castle pictures make me happy.


great pics!


I love the castle in colors! Thanks for posting them great shots…can I make a side comment? Ever look at a picture and see someone’s owfit and go “what the heck were they thinking?” ok comment over…:laugh:


Hey! That’s my sister! :dry:

J/K :tongue:

Mine’s with a Kodak 3.1 Megapixel.


Thats realy pretty. Loooks like it was a busy evening there though! Thanks for the pic! :flowers:


Last year during Halloween fireworks…


Awesome. It looks like the castle is on fire.


Awesome pics guys!


Here’s a pic of the castle with snowflakes on it.