Good shoes for parks?


I have a $100 giftcard to kill on Zappos and my sneakers are all cute sneakers that do nothing for your feet.

I need a cute sneaker with good arch support that isn’t like crazy expensive.


I have always loved Rebocs (sp). They have great arch support, I have really high arches and they work great for me.


I just bought a pair of Avia Cross Trainers from Modells for about $30 on sale. Great support and very comfortable. I still have my K-Swiss from last year that are well broken in. I’ll be taking both pairs, plus a pair of sandals with thicker soles. Oh, and try to find those cool max socks that wick away the moisture. I always thought cotton was the best thing, but it turns out they’re not- the sweat doesn’t evaporate and makes your feet sweat even more.


I love my Teva flip-flops. Yes, the are flip-flops, but Teva shoes are great and very compfortable. I have worn them for hours at a time walking in WDW and at Universal.


I :wub: Zappos!

I love my Teva’s too, but my latest new non-sandall is by J-41, they have excellent excellent support and just cradle my foot (these might not be great if your foot is really narrow). I have had them on the past two days–no breaking in required. Mine are brown with pink elastic, but they seem to be out of that color now. Here is a link to the shoe

Here is anoher by the same maker that I have on my wish list


Everybody’s feet are really different. So what’s good for one is really bad for another. For example I have wide feet and couldn’t even get my foot into a Rebok which are cut narrow.

Best advise is find something that’s comfortable for you then break them in BEFORE hitting the parks. If your feet hurt you won’t have a good time.


That is so true. I didn’t even realize reboks were made for narrow feet. That must be why I can never find another pair of shoes that fit just the right way.


I’ve been wearing Land/Water sneakers from Land’s End. They’re like a sneaker but with mesh sides so your feet breathe. They are so lite-weight and they’re meant to get wet and dry fast (good for Kali River Rapids!) and most importantly they’re very comfortable!


I was thinking about them, too. But you don’t wear socks with them, and I thought the mesh part would rub against your feet and possiblly give blisters or rashes. Am I wrong? I really need to wear socks with sneakers.


In the summer i always wear my birkenstock’s. They are soo comfy I never know that I have walked for miles in them!


You will not need snow shoes…


I can’t wear Reeboks anymore for the life of me. Oo; Like everyone has said, different strokes for different folks.

Me, its just trial and error. I buy a pair of shoes and if after a while I deem that decent to be standing in all day, I bring those to WDW. But I have some of my mom’s plantar fascitis, so I’m pretty much screwed either way. :laugh: Ah well.

If you can’t find good sneakers for support, at least splurge on some good insoles to stick in there, like Dr. Scholls’.


Hey Jess, I started a thread several months ago pondering this same question. I LOVE Zappos and since then I’ve found that SO many people rave about several different Puma styles…

I looked them up for you… one was called the Puma “Criatara”, the “Contre” & “Contre Lace” (my personal fave), and the “Taper.”

All of those styles can be found on this link…
(that is a link to all the Puma styles on Zappos, 17 pages)


I wear socks with them! I just came back from Mexico and wore them for touring days and never had a problem. Here’s the link to their site:,,1_2_1930_62438_137253_115660_5,00.html?sptlt_num=7221&struct_num=58083&CM_MERCH=TPSL_58083&sid=4486182235008133990
and they’re called “Sea-to-Shore Sport Shoes”.


I’m addicted to strap-on Rockport sandals… perfect, soft and cool!


You can never go wrong with New Balance running shoes. They are super comfort and offer tons of support. I also like the Nike Air Max…excellent shoe. This is coming from a retail manager that spends hours on end on her feet.


Thanks, I think I’ll look into these. For the kids, too.


I love my Tevas. I have the Spoiler model. I wear this at WDW and my feet feel great at the end of the day.


I got a pair of Merrill sandals. I know you said you were looking for sneakers, but OMG these sandals are awesome! They are water proof, comfortable, and I walked miles and miles each day and my feet never felt tired (and I had foot surgery about a year ago). My feet felt so good wearing my Merrills…no more sneakers at WDW for me! I was so excited to ride Kali and not have to worry about getting my shoes and socks all wet!
Here are some similair to mine:


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