Good snacks for packing?


My DH and I are going to the world in October and we are taking our nine year old niece who has never been before. We are driving and staying at Pop. I’m planning on taking food with us to save money and we will eat out some. My DH has a high metabolism and eates constantly, and I want to have snacks for my niece. I’ve never taken a child to WDW before so this will be a new experience for me. So my question for parents is what are some healthy snacks that work well for taking to the parks, and keeping kids satisfied? Any tips for this?


I would call and ask what snacks your niece would like. My son is 9 and likes only certain things, for example, he likes PopTarts but only one flavor. He like cookies but not all cookies. I would hate for you to brings snack that she won’t eat.

We take single serving bags of cookies, chips, and crackers. I always pack WAY more than we need and I end up bringing more than half of them home with us.


We generally overpack on snacks too!

If you are talking snacks for the parks themselves, we find that the kids don’t snack as much as they would at home. We will bring fruit roll-ups, cheese crackers, and the single serving packs of cookies/crackers. The kids LOVE fruit, but that is a bit harder when going to the parks. If the kids are eating good meals and fruit in the AM, we won’t be so concerned about the snacks. We almost always end up with snacks left over each day. We do allow the kids get a treat each day: ice cream, popcorn, etc.


I agree, see what her preferences are first… maybe get a list. Then buy individual portions or seperate them yourself into baggies. I too have a nine year old… and she eats VERY small portions, but eats frequently because of this. Personally I do not think junk snacks keep kids satisfied. I try to stay away from wasted calories that are found in fruit rollups, sugary cookies, etc. Bring lots of water. It is expensive in the parks.


We pack goldfish, oatmeal bars, fruit snacks, stuff that is easy to carry, and that the kids like to snack on at home.


We pack golfish and granola bars. In the parks if you buy lunch and get the kids meal you can get the package apples and carry them around also.


gotta agree with everyone else- fruit snacks, raisins, dried cranberries, trail mix, crackers and lots of water!


Yes, as emamasa mentioned, don’t forget the water. That is the best way to save money at Disney besides of fishing coins out of their fountains. Wow, we see that all the time!


Crazy thing to mention, but make sure you will pack some antibacterial wipes or gel to take to the parks. If you are going to snack on the run, you have to use these!!
As far as snacks go, I would like to suggest Kashi bars. They have tons of different kinds, and they have good carbs in them with lots of protein. My kids enjoy them!!


All these healthy snacks? You are on vacation in WDW! Ice Cream for breakfast I say!:laugh: :pirate: :redface:

Seriously though… A few decent snacks should be more than enough. Don’t overpack with them.

If you get a room with with a refrigerator, fruit will pack well for the day. We’ve done orange slices, grapes, etc. At least make sure you bring along the snack bags. It makes sharing much easier.


Funny thing I found each time is that my kids don’t really snack that much while in the park. We have Lunch/Dinner and usually a popcorn or Mickey bar and that seems to hold them over. The DDP worked well for us.The problm I found with packing water is that it gets warm and really is not fun to carry 4 bottles.I know you can ask for ice but it becomes too much planning on who wants cold water and when. The small water is $1.25 and the large is $2 in the park.I think that is reasonable. Split a large and I think you will be better off.No lugging water bottles around.


I took granola bars, cheezits, sugar free koolaide packs to add to bottles of water, gummy bears/sour patch kids. It was great when they were standing in line or we had a late ADR and they got hungary. I would definitely ask what she likes.


Favorites of my DD when she was smaller and sometimes still now:
pop tarts
granola bars
gram crackers
dry cereal
milk and cereal bars.

You should take yourDN with you and let her pick the snacks. That way you know you are getting things she likes. Don’t worry so much about the healthy part…it is vacation after all.


Thank you everybody for the tips. I am so excited for this trip. We haven’t told our niece yet about it, so it will be a total surprise for her. I can’t wait to see WDW through the eyes of a child.


Stay away from snacks that will melt.


Excellent tip…lol nothing is worse that a bag full of chocolate that was suppose to be a chocolate bar…lol


I know from having a whole box of chocolate melt in a back pack. The rest is self expanitory. :noo:


:blow: :blow: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: thank goodness it wasn’t in your back pocket:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


if you go to down town disney they have a small box of cookies ( short bread) each cookie is in shape of disney characters. Keeps in the theme and my kids love them.


I would bring at least one water bottle to the parks. We actually did water bottles with attached straps. I agree that carrying more than one for each around is a pain. My kids all carried their own drinks. I would assume there is ice to cool the water at your hotel.
If you aren’t big breakfast eaters than you can always pack the small cereal boxes or breakfast bars to have before you head to the parks. You could also purchase parmalot milk that doesn’t need to be refridgerated. You can just put it on ice the night before you need it.