Good thing I look at the glass half full


I have to change my WDW trip :eek:

DH’s boss has to travel abroad and it turns out DH can’t be out of the office at that time :crying: Thankfully I haven’t bought my airfare yet…I am a Ding! hold out. It stinks that we have to change, but at least I didn’t have to cancel! I’m in overdrive planning our trip again! And to think last week I was joking with Dana about not having anything to plan, lol. I’m going to watch what I say around here :blush:

To be honest my heart sunk deep into my chest when DH dropped the bomb. I had everything set for the week of October 7th to the 14th. My DD turns 5 on the 12th and we were going to have dinner at 1900PF and do MNSSHP. I scored a perfect 'Ohana arrival night ADR and an even more perfect Rose and Crown ADR for our last night. Infact all of my ADRs were just what I wanted. I’ll post them when I cancel them in the restaurant forum incase anyone wants to grab them.

So now my wheels are spinning. I have POFQ re-booked (no switching mid trip like I mulled over), and the AAA rate was availabe, so I’m thrilled aobut that!

There are 4 MNSSHPs to chose from that week, meaning the MK park hours are different, meaning I have to work out a whole new schedule to make my new ADRs. I am hopeful I will get one or two that I really want, but I’m not sure how it’s going to pan out. We are not on the DP and I have decided that even if I get zero ADRs I’ll be happy just to be there.

Wish me luck figuring this out! :mickey:


You’re right, at least you still get to go. Have fun planning your trip again, I hope you get everything you want.


Aw daisy, good luck re-planning! I’m glad you didn’t have to cancel - that would have been AWFUL!

Well it’s almost like getting to plan a different trip, right? :wink: I hope you can get everything worked out soon so you can sit back and relax!!


I am sorry that you have to change your trip plans, but am glad you are still going. One birght spot is you get to do all your plans over. Nothing more fun than that. I hope you can rebook all the ADR with ease and have a no troubles making the longer wait.


Oh boy dizzy, it sure is like a new trip because I had to juggle my ‘perfect’ schedule, lol. But it’s been a good way to spend the morning and afternoon.

The good good luck you all wished me worked :happy: I spoke with a very nice CM and was able to make some new ADRs–ALL at the times I wanted! They are CP for dinner, Sci Fi for lunch, Rose and Crown for dinner (I got 8pm again! DH will be so happy), 1900 PF for dinner before MNSSHP and Boma! I sill may work in another one or two but if I can’t, I’m more than happy with what I have considering I thought I’d be out of luck.


Daisy, sorry you had to change your plans, but I’m sure things will work out for the best, and the newly scheduled trip will be just as magical than the original.

Sometimes these things happen for a reason even if we haven’t a clue as to why at the time. Best of luck to you as you re-do your planning! :mickey:


Thanks ingamba! I actually had to cxl WDW before, so I am thinking nothing but positive thoughts with this change :happy:


I am glad that you still get to go!


Daisyd, I am sorry you had to re-schedule, but I am glad it all fell back together pretty nicely!


Awe, that stinks! I am so glad you still get to go!


yeah whine you still get to go … and bet you even get to meet Erin.


I would :heart: to meet Erin!


I hope we get to meet!!! :c) I think this is gonna turn out to be even better - stuff like this ALWAYS works out better, ya know?


Yay! I’m glad things are going well so far!! Your ADRs sound great!! It’s an omen…you may have had to reschedule, but you’re still in for an AWESOME trip! :heart: