Goodbye all


we are leaving tomorrow!!! :happy: We are actually flying into Ft. Meyers tomorrow afternoon. We are staying with our freinds in their new home in Cape Coral for the weekend. Saturday we are taking a boat to Key West and Sunday we are going to Sanibel. Then, on Monday morning, we are all driving to Orlando!!! :mickey: I will have my laptop so maybe I can do a trip-report while I am there…maybe! :wink: See you all in about 11 days!!! :heart:


Have a blast… I wanna see some pics…


Have a great time! Can’t wait to read your trip report when you get back! :wink: :mickey:


See you soon!!! I am SOO looking forward to our date by the SSR pool!!

YAY! Have fun!



Have an AWESOME time, girlie!!! I’ll miss ya…eat a Nestle Toll House Ice Cream Sandwich for me!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it! And of course, see pics, too!!!


I hope you have a magical trip! Can’t wait to hear all the details!


I didn’t get to say goodbye to you, EITHER???

What is wrong with the world?!?!?!

Ok, have fun, and I’ll be calling you in a few days!

Love ya, girlie!


Have a magical trip!


Paula, Goodbye sounds so permanent. Just say “See ya later”. Oh you’re from NJ, so say “see yiz later”.

Have a magical and safe trip!


Looking forward to an “on the spot” TR! Have a blast!!

(Doesn’t it seem like EVERYONE’S going this week???)


Don’t you know I don’t talk like that!!! :nonono2: I guess this is where I must say, “SHUT UP NY”!!! :tongue:


It DOES seem like everyone is going! It’s going to be fun to “spot” some DCers - I bet no one even knows what I look like since I never have my picture up! :tongue:


Guilty as charged. Well, I hope yiz have a magical trip. :tongue: :mickey:


Enjoy yourself! We’ll still be here waiting when you get back!


Have a great trip. Sounds like you have a wonderful time planned. Remember to take notes for the TR


I am feeling soooo jealous right now! I know it’s unattractive. Still, I’ll show you… I’m not going to speak to you for at LEAST 10 days. Hmmmmph.

:wink: Have a fantastic time!


:crying: Missed you!! But you know my intentions were good! :heart:


Awwwwe…missed ya…but Hope you have a great trip! Be safe and have tons o fun!

Can’t wait to hear all about it!