Goofygal's MGM ESPN Experience 7/31/04


Ds and I went to MGM for the ESPN 25 year celebration yesterday. We had such a blast!!! If you want to read about it and see pictures click here . I also have a map/guide posted there…though some of it is hard to read.



Looks like fun, Heather!! My son would have had a blast at this!

My boss and his family flew out yesterday at 2:00, so they missed this event. They are all sports fans, bet they wished they had stayed just one more day!!!

Thanks for sharing!


ohh wow I love it !! thanks


Heather -

Great report and pictures. Thanks for sharing it all. My DBF and his Son would have been in heaven there. :mickey:


Great pictures… I have been watching this weekend with my husband, of course wishing i was there.


That is so cool!!! Thanks for all the pics!!!


Great pics!!! We had checked out on 7/31/04. My DH wanted to do see that. Scotty Bowman was at the ESPN club on the 30th but my DH was sooo tired that day and we were leaving the next day he didn’t go. I’ll have to show him your post! Thanks!!! :mickey:


Words can’t describe how badly I wanted to be there for that. Thanks for the pics. That Thea is really, uhm, talented…:wink:


Thanks for the TR. I love the pictures.

Lisa :mickey:


goofygal, I am curious, who the person in the pic, with your DS, with the ESPN VIP lanyard is(The pic about the Yao Ming one)? You indicated on your site you thought it was Mike Metzger, but it isn’t. Just curious. Thanks.


Curtis, the one in the picture with my DS with the VIP tag was "Stump the Schwab"guy from ESPN…my son knew exactly who he was, I didnt! LOL He got his autograph. His show is on ESPN 7:30EDT.There was another guy(and i didn’t post it on my site…but it is in my shutterfly pictures) that was in the same area with us, who we later found out was Mike Metzger. There were two kids in that picture, not my kids, though…so i didnt want to post it on my site. THe Yao Ming was a big poster/cardboard area that had lines and told you how tall other NBA players were…we took another picture of a really Short NBA player, too. My ds liked “measuring up” to the “players”.


Thanks Goofygal. I knew I recognized the guy. It’s Howie Schwab. I was sitting here starting at that pic, trying to remember. You mentioned Mike Metzger, and I couldn’t get his name out of my head…lmao. Those pics are great, I would have loved to have been there that weekend. I missed it my 3 days…