Goofy's Candy Shop


Does everyone love goofy’s candy shop as much as I do? Exspecially their chocholate covered strawberry’s and love their strawberry slushy drink! I go here every year usually my first day!:laugh::wub::heart:


My DDs :heart: Goofy’s . . . they like to fill up the plastic straws with the sugar. (this is the ONLY time I will let them have it) :laugh: IMHO, I think it is so gross! :blow:

I could just stand in that shop and smell the air . . . yummy!


I love the chocolate covered marshmallows on the mickey straw.


I have never had them, Can they do white chocholate for the marshmallows?


I’ve never been in Goofy’s Candy Store. Guess I should check it out.


We went in last trip to use some of the snack credits from our dining plan, its truly a colourful place!


I haven’t been either but I plan on using some snack credit there in September!


Yes, they are only $2 and you get a mickey straw.


You most definetly should check it out and get a choc. covered strawberry they are the bomb!!!:wub:


Cool:rolleyes:! I might have to get one in June!


Me too! I love how they let you use a snack credit for them.


While I love Goofy’s, I try to stay out of there. It’s way too tempting for me.


I always thought it was a lame idea targeting children to spend their allowance on sugar… but I went in there on my last trip and nearly passed out at the sight of their pastries and cookies and muffins and etc etc … :wub: I’m a believer now!


Is this the candy store on Main street or at DTD??? I am having a brain freeze… thanks.


never mind, I answered my own question…


It is @ DTD!:wub:


Talk about a sugar high. It’s crazy how many yummy treats they have there and everything looks so good.


We stop in, and look around mostly. When we need our chocolate / sugar fix, we head for Ghiradellies for a hot fudge sundae and kill 2 birds with one stone. Ice cream, sugar and chocolate (OK, 3 birds with one stone). We also hit the candy store side for the free samples chocolate and for other little snacks.


I love the chocolate covered strawberries. I spend way to much money each trip buying the strawberries.


I totally agree!!!:blush::heart: